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*         Participles


Participles are forms of Verbs which partake of the nature of both an Adjective and a Verb.  



(i)   The boy is running in the field. (Verb)

(ii)  The running boy is my cousin. (Adjective Noun)  


*            Types of Participles

There are two types of Participles - (i) Present Participle and (ii) Past Participle or Perfect Participles.

Present Participles express an action going on, and not completed, and are formed by adding 'ing' to the Verb.  



Running, swimming, walking, singing, laughing, etc. Past Participles express an action complete, and are formed by adding - ed, d, t, en, ne, or n to the Verb.  

(i) By adding 'ed' -  



tired, cleared, amazed, surprised, worked, etc.  

(ii) By adding 't' -  



learnt-, meant, bent, sent, lent, etc.  

(iii) By adding 'en'-  



eaten, beaten, broken, etc.  

(iv) By adding 'ne' -  



done, gone, etc.  

(v) By adding 'n' -  



shown, known, etc.    

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