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First Aid

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*   First Aid


If any accident happens by chance, first thing, to do is to provide help to the person met with accident to save his precious life. Such help is called first aid.

In this chapter, we’ll learn about the type of first aid, which should be provided to the injured person, in different situations.


*       Bone Fracture Injury

Look at the following picture of bone fracture injury:

Bone fracture means a bone has been broken. The affected area swells up and it pains a lot, as the supply of the blood to the affected part get blocked.


*         First Aid in Case of Fracture

Do not let the affected area to move. Support the injured portion with a stick and clothes in a comfortable position. Take the patient as soon as possible to the hospital.  


*           Burn Injury

Look at the following picture of affected part of the body from burn injury:

One may get burn injury due to fire by electricity, explosive chemicals, hot oil, steam etc.  


*        First Aid

Wash the burnt part with clean water. Antibiotic powder cream may be applied over the affected area. Light dressing can be done if the injury is not serious.

If the injury is due to chemical, pour, maximum possible amount of water to remove chemicals from the burnt area. Take the patient to the doctor.  


*          Nose Bleeding

Look at the following picture of nose bleeding:

We often see people bleeding from the nose. It means blood is coming out from the blood vessels.


*         First Aid

Do not get panic. Help the patient to lie down in an easy position keeping the head downward.

It would stop bleeding. If bleeding doesn't stop then hold the nose between the thumb and the finger for 5 -10 minutes. Ice can be applied over the nose.

During the whole process, injured person breathe through the mouth. If not cured take the patient to the nearby doctor.  


*         Injury Due to Animal Bite

Animals like dog, cat, monkey etc. bite people. The germs from their body enter the body of injured person, which can be dangerous.  


*       First Aid

Wash the affected part with Dettol and antiseptic soap. Put antibiotic powder or cream over the wound and take the patient to the doctor.  


*       Insect Bite

Insects like honey bee, wasps, scorpion inject toxic substances into the person on biting.  


*       First Aid

Wash the injured area with Dettol and try to remove the sting with the help of sterilized needle. Apply basic medium like baking soda or tooth paste over the affected area if it bee sting, which is acidic. Wasp sting is basic, so apply weak acid like vinegar, which is easily available. It will neutralize the effect.

Take the patient to the doctor, if injured person is not getting relieve.  


*            Drowning


If anyone drowns into the river, pond, tanks or well, take him out immediately.  


*       First Aid

Lie down the patient with flat on stomach and face, on side position.

Press the stomach to expel extra water from his body. Give artificial respiration, remove wet clothes and cover the body with blanket. Give hot coffee and tea to the patient on regaining consciousness.  


*           First Aid Box

In order to avoid loss and serious infection from injury, we should give first aid to the injured person. For that, every school and houses should have a box containing necessary first aid kit, that is, cotton, bandages, scissor, Dettol, knife, antiseptic cream, magnifying glass and torch etc.





      Is the table in the given picture is a correct place to keep bottle which is containing chemical?

(a) Yes                                                                 

(b) No

(c) Can be kept if table is made up of iron

(d) Can be kept if table is made up of plastic

(e) None of these


Answer: (b)


Acid is a chemical that can severely burn your skin. Skin burnt with acid should be washed with large amount of water and the patient be taken to the hospital. Therefore, option (b) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.



      If someone in your family consumes insecticides instead of medicine unknowingly, what should you do?

(a) Cry for help.

(b) Leave the patient alone.

(c) Let the concerned person take rest for long time.

(d) Give lots of water to the concerned person to drink, till he/she vomits.

(e) All of these


Answer: (d)


Give lots of water to the affected person to drink. Take the patient immediately to the nearby hospital. Therefore, option (d) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.



Acidic poison is injected into the body when bees bite people.

When an animal bites us, virus present in their saliva enters into our body.

We all must follow the traffic safety rules.

Use antiseptic cream over the wound.




Affected person must get doctors help immediately to avoid further complication from any kinds of injury.

Wash your hand before eating the food.

Always cross the road through the zebra crossing.

Don't cross the railway line if the gate is closed.

Always walk on the left side on the road.

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