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*     Safety


Life is very precious to all of us. But at times we may endanger our lives by accident. Accident is an undesirable phenomena and it may occurs anywhere, anytime. Sometimes two vehicles may collide with each other, someone get burn, some may be bitten by dogs, cats and insects etc. These accidents occur by chance. But many times, accidents occur because of our negligence. Such accidents can be prevented by following certain safety rules, outside and inside our houses.   


*       Safety Measures to be Followed Outside the House

Always follow the traffic rules while moving on the road.

Always walk to the left side of the road. If there is pavement, walk on it.

Always cross the road at the zebra crossing to avoid accidents. First look to the right and left and then cross the road.

Never play near or on the road.

Always give signal with your hand before turning, if riding a bicycle or rickshaw.

Never pick up any unattended articles, if you see any, inform to the nearest police station.

Never take any gifts from the strangers.

Keep patience and always wait for your turn at the bus station. Don't keep out any of your body parts out of the window. Get in and get off from the bus carefully.

Never cross railway track if the gate is closed.

Always go to the parks or any nearby area with your parents.



 No left turn                         No right turn                                 No u turn                                  No Cycles



Zebra crossing                      No parking                    No stopping                         No entry



        No horn                               Railway crossing  


*       Safety Measures at School

Climb up and down a stairs carefully without pushing any one.

Don't run on the corridors.

Always follow lab rules while doing experiments in the lab.

Never play or run in the class room as one may get hurt while hitting the desks or benches.

Don't throw wastes on the floor as any one may step on it and fall on the floor.

Never insert fingers in the socket of the electric switch board.   


*           Safety Measures inside Houses

Never touch any electrical appliances or switch boards with wet hands. You may get fatal shock.

Use sharp cutting instruments like knife, scissors, blades etc. with care and protection.

Always switch off the knob of the gas cylinder if it is not in use.

Do not run on the wet floor your may slip and fall on the floor.

Never play with match stick.

Walk carefully on the wet floors of bath room etc.





     You should be in hurry while climbing up or down a staircase to save your precious time. It is a/an:

(a) Good habit

(b) Good manner

(c) Safety measure

(d) Insensible activity

(e) All of these


Answer: (d)


While climbing up or down a staircase in hurry, you may fall from the stairs and damage your body parts. Therefore, option (d) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect. 



       Consider the following statements:

Statement 1: Always use blade to sharpen your pencil.

Statement 2: Always use sharpener to sharpen your pencil.

Which one is correct about the above statements?

(a) Statement 1 is true and 2 is false

(b) Statement 1 is false and 2 is true

(c) Both statements are true  

(d) Both statements are false

(e) None of these


Answer: (b)


Pencil should be sharpen with sharpener rather than with blade. You may cut your fingers while sharpening pencils with blade. It would result in loss of blood from the body. Therefore, option (b) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.

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