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Notes - Means of Communication

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Means of Communications


  1. The developments in science and technology are shrinking the world in communication and transportation.


  1. It took seven years of dedicated hard work to the Wright brothers, Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright, to invent the aeroplane.


  1. Nowadays, with the advanced aeroplanes we can travel thousands of kilometres in few hours.


  1. People staying in different places can exchange information by writing letters.


  1. Urgent messages can be passed through telegrams.


  1. Parcels and documents can be sent from one place to another place through speed post and courier.


  1. We can talk instantly with others through telephone. STD facility connects different telephones within our country and ISD connects telephones in different countries.


  1. Mobile telephone or cellular phones can be carried along with the person.


  1. Wireless communication system is useful for the people working in police and army.


  1. With pagers, messages can be sent instantly.


  1. Through fax we can send written and printed material.


  1. Radio is an effective means to broadcast audio signals.


  1. With television we can broadcast both pictures and sound.


  1. With computer and internet we can send and receive large amounts of information from the entire world.



  1. With the help of E-mail, we can send and receive messages from anywhere in the world through the computers connected to internet.

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Notes - Means of Communication

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