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A Word that is used to denote the name of person, place, thing or quality is called a noun.

Kinds of Noun

1.            Proper Noun

A noun that gives a special name to a particular person, animal, place or thing is called proper noun.

The words Ashish, Shillong, Yamuna and July are proper nouns.

2.          Common Noun

A noun that gives a common name to person, animals, places or things which are of the same kind is called a common noun.

The words boy, city, river and mouth are common nouns.

3.          Collective Noun

A collective noun is the name of a collection of persons or things taken together and spoken of as one whole.

Look at the following sentences:

(1) Our team won the match.

(2) I have found a bunch of keys.

(3) A large crowd gathered in front of the hospital.

(4) The words team, crowd and bunch are collective nouns. Since they are not particular names they appear to be common nouns. But they are slightly different from the ordinary comman nouns.

4.            Abstract Noun

An abstract noun is the name of some state, quality, feeling or idea that we can only Think of or feel but can't touch or see.

Look at the following sentences:

(1) I admired his honesty.

(2) She had pain in her legs.              

(3) The length of this room is four meters.

The words honesty pain and length are abstract nouns. But they don?t name person animals, places and things. They name qualities, states, ideas which we can only think or feel. These nouns are called abstract nouns.                               

6.        Countables and Uncountables                                    

Read the following passage:                                    

What kind of food is this? The bread is burnt. The eggs are overdone the curry has too much salt in it. And there is no sugar in the tea. I don?t want to eat anything give me a glass of water.                                                

In this passage words like eggs and glass are countable. Others like salt, sugar, water bread are uncountable nouns.

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