Solved papers for 12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2015 Delhi Set-I

done Solved Paper - Geography 2015 Delhi Set-I

  • question_answer1)
    Define the term 'population distribution'.

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  • question_answer2)
    What are economic activities?

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  • question_answer3)
    Define the term 'Transport Network'.

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  • question_answer4)
    Distinguish between towns and villages on the basis of occupation.

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  • question_answer5)
    How is the level urbanization measured in India?

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  • question_answer6)
    Why did Sher Shah Suri built the Shahi (Royal) Road?

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  • question_answer7)
    What is criterion for the classification of pollution?

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  • question_answer8)
    What is the subject-matter of the study of human geography? Explain any three facts.

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  • question_answer9)
    Explain any three factors responsible for the location of rural settlements in the world.

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  • question_answer10)
    What are metropolitan cities and mega cities? Give two examples of each of metropolitan cities and mega cities from India.

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  • question_answer11)
    'Land resource is more crucial to the people whose livelihood is depending on agriculture in India.' Support this statement by any three suitable arguments.

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  • question_answer12)
    'The assessment, efficient use and conservation of water are necessary to ensure development.' Explain in the light of values regarding conservation of water resources.

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  • question_answer13)
    Define the term 'air pollution'. Explain any two harmful effects of air pollution.

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  • question_answer14)
    What is 'Human Development'? Explain the four pillars of Human Development.

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  • question_answer15)
    Explain five factors that influence the industrial location in the world.

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  • question_answer16)
    Define the term 'nomadic herding'. Explain its any four characteristics.

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  • question_answer17)
    Name the longest trans-continental railway of the world. Describe its and four features.

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  • question_answer18)
    What is density of population? Describe the spatial variation of population density in India.

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  • question_answer19)
    Why is the area under pastures decreasing in India? How do the changes in the economy effect the changes in land use? Explain.

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  • question_answer20)
    'The distribution of roads is not uniform in India' Support this statement with suitable arguments.

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  • question_answer21)
    In the given political outline map of the World, five features A, B, C, D and E have been shown. Identify these features with the help of the information given below and write their correct names on the lines drawn them.
    A. The country having the highest rank in Human Development Index-2003
    B. Railway terminal station
    C. An important airport
    D. A major seaport,                                  
    E. A mega city

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  • question_answer22)
    On the given political outline map of India, locate and label the following with, appropriate symbols:
    (i) The state having the smallest area»
    (ii) The leading jute producing state,
    (iii) An oil refinery in Haryana.
    (iv) An integrated Iron and Steel Plant in Chhattisgarh.
    (v) The international airport in Karnataka.

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Solved Paper - Geography 2015 Delhi Set-I


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