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Removal of First Degree Terms

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Let point of intersection of lines represented by \[a{{x}^{2}}+2hxy+b{{y}^{2}}+2gx+2fy+c=0\]       .....(i)  is \[(\alpha ,\beta )\].


Here \[(\alpha ,\beta )=\left( \frac{bg-fh}{{{h}^{2}}-ab},\frac{af-gh}{{{h}^{2}}-ab} \right)\]


For removal of first degree terms, shift the origin to \[(\alpha ,\beta )\] i.e., replacing \[x\] by \[(X+\alpha )\]and \[y\] be \[(Y+\beta )\]in (i).


Alternative Method : Direct equation after removal of first degree terms is \[a{{X}^{2}}+2hXY+b{{Y}^{2}}+(g\alpha +f\beta +c)=0\],


where \[\alpha =\frac{bg-fh}{{{h}^{2}}-ab}\] and \[\beta =\frac{af-gh}{{{h}^{2}}-ab}\].

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