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Notes - Article Writing

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Article Writing


Framing an article is a very challenging task for anyone. It requires a high degree of creativity, a wide range of vocabulary and a thorough knowledge of the subject. An article is a highly structured and directional piece of writing, written for a specific purpose, i.e. to inform, to persuade, to entertain or to convince the reader. It essentially has several paragraphs containing a distinct beginning, a middle and a conclusion.


Elements of an Article


  1. Tide/Heading There are no predetermined rules for the title. It may comprise a single word, a phrase or a sentence of 4-6 words. The title should be thought-provoking, catchy and should highlight the theme.


  1. Name of the writer Sign off your article with your name towards the end. Alternatively, the name can come immediately after the heading in the form of a byline.


  1. Introduction Keep the topic in perspective; specify it keeping the reader's interest intact by providing some surprising information or interesting facts related to the context.


  1. Description of the topic Highlight various facets of the topic like the causes and effects, advantages and disadvantages, etc.


  1. Ending Wind up your article with your own views-criticism, suggestions, etc.


  1. Conclusion End the article with a desire, an appeal or a warning.



Format of an Article


Write an article for a newspaper on the topic 'Child Labour- A Curse'.



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