Notes - Letter to an Editor

Notes - Letter to an Editor

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Letter to an Editor


Letters to the Editor of a newspaper or magazine form an important part of the paper. Such letters voice the opinion of the people and provide them a platform to express their agreement, disagreement or reaction to the news and views contained in the newspaper.

These letters can also raise issues of social, political and economic interest and generally centre around public reactions. They provide a forum to the readers to express their strong feelings and reactions to local, national and international issues.


Main Elements of a Letter

Sender's Address

According to the latest format, sender's address is written at the top along with pin code. Do not write sender's name with the address.

e.g.    K-12 7, Ashok Nagar

New Delhi-110092


Note While writing the address (both sender’s and receiver's), one must not use 'comma5 at the end of each line. If the address is not provided in the question then you may create a fictitious address, but writing an address is mandatory.



It appears directly below the sender's address, after leaving one line space. It is advisable to always write the full date in the given format only.

e.g.      25th December, 20XX


Receiver's Address

It appears directly below the date and comprises the receiver's name, designation and the complete address.

e.g.    The Editor

The Hindustan Times

47/ 1567, Daryaganj



Subject is used in writing a formal letter. It is generally written after the receiver's address and should be short and to the point.

e.g.    Subject Water Scarcity in XYZ Colony



This consists of words of greeting and is written on the left hand side of the page just below the subject after leaving one line space.

e.g.    Dear Sir/Madam


The Body

The body is the main part of any letter. This is written in response to the topic given, in simple and direct language. The body includes three main parts

  1. Introductory paragraph/sentence \[\to \] States the purpose of writing
  2. Informative paragraphs \[\to \] Details about the subject of the letter
  3. Concluding paragraph/sentence \[\to \] The closure of the letter stating hope, request or any other comment.


Complimentary Close

It is a courteous way of ending the letter. The expression used must match the salutation.

e.g.    Yours sincerely/Yours faithfully



It is written just below the 'complimentary close' and includes the sender's name and designation (if applicable).

e.g.    Ankita Chakravarti

Secretary of XYZ Colony


Format of Letter to an Editor



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