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Notes - Living and Non-living things

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Living and Non-living Things



  1. Things around us can be divided into two categories man- made things Natural things


  1. The things which are made by man are called man-made things. Television, chair aeroplane, etc., examples of man-made things.


  1. The things which occur in the nature ar natural things. Trees, sun, animals rocks, etc., are examples of natural things.


  1. Natural things are again divided into two categories: living things and non-living things.


  1. The things which have life in them are called living things. Animals, people, trees are living things.


  1. The things which do not have life in them are called non-living things. Rocks, clouds water, etc., are some examples of non-livings things.


  1. Feature of livings things:


(a) Living things move:

Animals move from one place to another. Fish swim. Birds fly. Plants also show movement.


(b) All living things grow on their own:

Seeds grow and become trees. Babies grow into men or women. Egg grow to become hen.


(c) All living things need food:

To grow and live, living things need food. Without food living things cannot live and will starve to death.


(d) All living things breathe in and out:

Living things cannot live without air. They take in air through nose or gills or stomata


(e) All living things grow old and die:

A stone remains unchanged forever but we cannot. We grow old, become weak and die


(g) All living things reproduce:

Human beings give birth to babies. Animals either lay eggs or give birth to young ones.


  1. Features of non-living reproduce:


(a) Non - living things do not have life.


(b) Non - living things cannot move on their own


(c) Non - living things do not breathe.


(d) Non- living things do not grow.


(d) Non - living things do not eat food and do not grow old and die.


(f) Non - living things do not feel.


(g) Non - living things do not reproduce.


  1. Reproduction

The process by which living things produce their own kind is called reproduction. Only living things reproduce

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