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Properties of Some Geometrical Figures

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(1) In a triangle ABC, if AD is the median drawn to BC, then \[A{{B}^{2}}+A{{C}^{2}}=2(A{{D}^{2}}+B{{D}^{2}})\]



(2) A triangle is isosceles if any two of its medians are equal or two sides are equal.



(3) In a right angled triangle, the mid-point of the hypotenuse is equidistant from the vertices.



(4) Equilateral triangle : All sides are equal.



(5) Rhombus : All sides are equal and no angle is right angle, but diagonals are at right angles and unequal.



(6) Square : All sides are equal and each angle is right angle. The diagonals bisect each other.



(7) Parallelogram : Opposite sides are parallel and equal and diagonals bisect each other.



(8) Rectangle : Opposite sides are equal and each angle is right angle. Diagonals are equal.



(9) The figure obtained by joining the middle points of a quadrilateral in order is a parallelogram.

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