10th Class Science Control and Coordination Human Brain

Human Brain

Category : 10th Class

*         Human Brain


One of the most important part of the human body is the human brain. All the thinking and memory work is done by the brain. It is divided into three parts fore brain, mid brain and hind brain. The fore brain is the main thinking part of the brain. It receives sensory impulses from various receptors. Different areas of fore brain are specialized for hearing, smell, sight and so on. Many of the involuntary actions such as watering of mouth when we see some delicious food, heart beat etc are controlled by the mid brain and hind brain. The other involuntary actions such as blood pressure, salivation, vomiting etc are controlled by the medulla of the hind brain. The activities such as walking in straight line, riding a bicycle, picking up pens etc are controlled by cerebellum of hind brain.

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