11th Class Biology Cell - The Unit Of Life Cytoplasm


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The substance occur around the nucleus and inside the plasma membrane containing various organelles and inclusions is called cytoplasm.

(1) The cytoplasm is a semisolid, jelly – like material. It consists of an aqueous, structureless ground substance called cytoplasmic matrix or hyaloplasm or cytosol.

(2) It forms about half of the cell’s volume and about 90% of it is water.

(3) It contains ions, biomolecules, such as sugar, amino acid, nucleotide, tRNA, enzyme, vitamins, etc.

(4) The cytosol also contains storage products such as glycogen/starch, fats and proteins in colloidal state.

(5) It also forms crystallo – colloidal system.

(6) Cytomatrix is differentiated into ectoplasm or plasmagel (outer) and endoplasm or plasmasol (inner).

(7) Cytomatrix is three dimensional structure appear like a network of fine threads and these threads are called microfilaments (now called actin filaments or microtrabecular lattice) and it is believed to be a part of cytoskeleton. It also contains microtubules and inter mediate cytoplasmic filaments.

(8) Hyaloplasm contains metabolically inactive products or cell inclusions called deutoplast or metaplasts.

(9) Cytoplasmic organelles are plastid, lysosome, sphaerosome, peroxisome, glyoxysomes, mitochondria, ribosome, centrosome, flagellum or cilia etc.

(10) The movement of cytoplasm is termed as cyclosis (absent in plant cells).

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