11th Class Biology Neural Control and Coordination Few Important Receptor             

Few Important Receptor             

Category : 11th Class

(1) Important tangoreceptor

(i) Merckel's corpuscles : Found in epidermis (stratum malphighi) of skin.

(ii) Merckel's disk : Found in epidermis (stratum malphighi) of skin.

(iii) Meissner's corpuscles : Present in skin around the base of hair and feather. These are sensitive for touch and pressure both.

(iv) Genital corpuscles : These are sensitive cells with nerve endings in skin around the genital organ.

(v) Grandey's corpuscles : Found in birds at the base of the beak. These are kidney shaped in structure.

(vi) Herbert corpuscles : Found in buccal cavity of birds.

(vii) Capsulated corpuscles : These are sensitive cells encapsulated  and found in skin.

(viii) Paccinian corpuscles : Found in deep layer of dermis and sensitive to touch, pain and pressure.

(x) Golgi corpuscles and Mazzoni corpuscles : These are sensitive to touch and found in subcutaneous region.

(2) Important Olfactoreceptor

Jacobson's organ (Vomero-nasal organ) : It is concerned with smell. These were 1st appear in amphibians and well developed in snake, lizzard and sphenodon that is reptile. These are less developed in birds and mammal. Structure is blind sac like and lined by olfactory epithelium (Shneiderian membrane). Jacobsons organ is not found in rabbit. In man it is vestigeal organ. In human foetus Jacobson organ present. Jacobson organ also found in marsupiales, Rodents, and Insectivora.

(3) Important Thermoreceptor

(i) Krause end bulb : These are sensitive for temperature and pain and freidgo in nature. Found in lips, tongue, conjunctiva of eyes and corium of fingure.

(ii) Organ of Ruffeni : Sensitive to temperature and mainly related with heat.

(iii) Ampulla of Lorenzini : Found in snout region of cartilagenous fishes these are helpful in detecting the temperature of water.

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