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Data Handling

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 Data Handling




  • A collection of numbers gathered to give some information is called data.


  • Data can be arranged in a tabular form using tally marks.


  • Pictograph, a pictorial representation of data is a useful method to present data attractively.


  • Sometimes each picture represents only one object. Then it is called a picture graph.


  • Information presented through numbers is called numerical data.


  • Numerical data when presented through pictures is called pictorial representation.


  • The pictorial or visual representation of numerical data is called a graph.


  • There are different types of graphs. Picture graphs and pictographs use pictures to represent numerical data.


  • Representing data with the help of bars (or) rectangles in a diagram is called a bar graph or a bar diagram.


  • Each bar represents only one value of the data and hence there are as many bars as there are values in the data.


  • The length of the bar indicates the value of the item. The width of the bar does not indicate anything.


  • All bars should rest on the same line called the base. The bars may be drawn horizontally or vertically.






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