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  • A curve which begins and ends at the same point is called a closed curve. Closed polygon in which all sides and angles are equal are called regular closed figures.


  • The length of the boundary of a figure is called its


  • The perimeter of a triangle is the sum of the lengths of the three sides, i.e., a + b + c.


  • The perimeter of an isosceles triangle = 2a + b and perimeter of an equilateral triangle = 3a.


  • The perimeter of a square is four times the length of its side, i, e., 4a.


  • The perimeter of act angle is twice the sum of its length and breadth, i.e., 2 (\[l\]+ b).


  • Perimeter is expressed in units of length.


  • Area of an enclosed plane is the number of square units that fit into it.


  • Area is always expressed in square units.


  • 1m =100 cm

1 cm = 10 mm

1 sq. m= 1000

1 = 100







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