JEE Main & Advanced Physics Ray Optics Refraction From Spherical Surface

Refraction From Spherical Surface

Category : JEE Main & Advanced

(1) Refraction formula : \[\frac{{{\mu }_{2}}-{{\mu }_{1}}}{R}=\frac{{{\mu }_{2}}}{v}-\frac{{{\mu }_{1}}}{u}\]

Where \[{{\mu }_{1}}=\]Refractive index of the medium from which light rays are coming (from object).

\[{{\mu }_{2}}=\]Refractive index of the medium in which light rays are entering.

u = Distance of object, v = Distance of image, R = Radius of curvature

(2) Lateral magnification : The lateral magnification m is the ratio of the image height to the object height

or \[m=\,\left( \frac{{{h}_{i}}}{{{h}_{0}}} \right)=\left( \frac{{{\mu }_{1}}}{{{\mu }_{2}}} \right)\,\left( \frac{v}{u} \right)\]


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