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Current Affairs 1st Class

  Introduction to Note Pad   Introduction v  Notepad is a simple text editor for Microsoft windows. v  It enables computer users to create documents. v  It has been included in all versions of Microsoft windows since windows 1.0 in 1985. v  The resulting files are typically saved with the .txt extension.   Steps to open windows Notepad Step 1: On the windows desktop, find the windows Search Box. Step 2: In the Search Box, type notepad. Step 3: Click on the Notepad option in the search results. It will launch Windows Notepad application with an untitled blank windows as shown in the picture.     Title bar   v  The top most bar of the Notepad window is called the title bar. v  It opens with a name of Untitled - Notepad.     Status bar The status bar in windows Notepad displays the current line number and column number of the cursor location.       Menu bar The menu bar contains options of File, Edit, Format, View and Help tab.                              1. File tab File tab contains option of New page, Save, Save as, Print, Exit, Page setup etc.                                     2.  Edit tab Edit tab contains options of Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Select all. Find, Find next, Replace etc.                         3.  Format tab Format tab contains Word Wrap and fonts of writing.                         4. View tab View tab contains option to enable or disable Status bar.       Things to Remember   v  Notepad is a simple text editor for Microsoft windows. v  It has been included since windows 1.0 in 1985. v  .txt is the extension for notepad file. v  Notepad has three bars, Title bar, Menu bar and Status bar. more...

  Introduction to MS-Paint     Introduction   v  MS-Paint is a basic painting utility tool that is included in all the Microsoft windows versions. v  MS-Paint can be used to draw, color and edit pictures. v  MS-Paint is found in the windows start menu within the accessories folder.   Starting MS-Paint   MS-Paint is a part of windows. To open paint do the following steps:   v  Click "Office" button and select All Apps option from the start menu list. v  Click "Windows Accessories" folder from the All Apps list. v  Click MS-Paint option which is listed under the windows Accessories folder. Or v  To open MS-Paint, type Paint in the search box on the task bar and then select paint from the list of result.       Both will launch MS-Paint application window with the file name 'Untitled - Paint' as "hewn in the picture below:               v  File Tab: It consist of options like open and save file, create new page, print documents and other file related options.           v  Home Tab: It consists of tools like brushes, shapes, colour, image erasers, fill tool, pick color, magnifier, text airbrush etc.             v  View Tab: It consist of tools like zoom in, zoom out, full screen, status bar, rulers etc.       Using Tools     v  Pencil tool: This tool is used to draw a line with different color.           v  Brushes tool: This tool allows to select brush shape and apply color using strokes as you move cursor over the image.             v  Color Palette: This tool is where you will choose your paint color.               v  Eraser tool: This tool is used to erase parts of a drawing.           more...

  Computer Components   Introduction Computer components are the devices which help computer to work properly. Computer Devices can be classified into following four parts:
  • Input Devices
  • 2. Storage Devices 3. Processor 4. Output Devices       Input Devices Input devices allow the user to enter information into the system. Some input devices are: Mouse Mouse is a pointing device. It has two click buttons and one scroll wheel. It is used to manipulate object on a computer screen.       Keyboard Keyboard is a set of keys that enables you to enter data into a computer.     Joystick Joystick is a control device that enables a user to move an object on the screen and is mainly used for playing video games.       Light Pen It is a hand held light sensitive input device used for drawing on the computer screen.     Barcode Reader Barcode reader is an input device used for scanning the information printed on the product in the form of barcode.       Web camera A webcam is a video camera that captures image in real time through a computer network.     Microphone Microphone is used to record your voice into the computer.       Touch screen Touch screen allows the user to interact with a computer by using their fingers.       Storage devices A storage device is used for storing information. It can hold information both temporarily and permanently.     Some Storage devices are:     Processing Device CPU is the main unit of a computer for the data processing. It is also known as the brain of computer system that carries out the processing of the given data and provides the output.       Output Devices An output device is any device used to send data from a computer to another device. Some output devices are Monitor Monitor is used to display the result processed by the computer. Monitors are classified into 3 types.     
  • Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)                              
  •     2. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)                            3. Light Emitting (LED)    more...

      How to Operate a Computer   Introduction Computer is an electronic device. It requires electricity to work, therefore, it should be connected to an electric plug. The computer should be properly switched ON and OFF, otherwise, the sensitive components of a computer may get damaged. Let us learn the correct -way to start and shut down a computer.   Switching on the computer The following is the correct procedure in order to switch ON the computer.                  1.               Switch ON the main power switch.                    2.               Press the ON button on the UPS of the computer.                    3.               Press the ON button on the CPU of the computer.                   4.                Switch ON the Monitor.                     5.              After some time, the following screen will appear on the monitor. This screen is called the desktop.                      6.              Desktop is the first screen that you see on the computer when Windows has loaded.       Now, the computer is ready to work, we can start our work by clicking on the start menu which contains all programs stored in the computer. Switching off the computer After finishing your work, you must SHUT DOWN the computer. To shut down the computer the following steps should be followed:                     1.            Click Windows button.                        2.            When the Start menu appears, click on power option.                      3.            Select the shutdown option from the power option list.                     4.            If monitor is connected through external power plug then Switch it OFF, otherwise, it will automatically shut down after executing the shutdown  command. more...

      What Can Computer Do?   Introduction Computer is a machine which can perform many functions to simplify the work of human beings. The use of computer in many fields is increasing continuously.   Uses of a computer                     1.            It can help you in drawing and painting.                         2.            A computer can play music.                         3.            A computer helps you to type a document.                         4.            A computer helps you to use the internet,                          5.            You can play games using computer.                          6.            Computer can be used to send e-mail.                           7.            Computer helps you to watch movies.       Places where computers are in use Computer is a useful machine in our life. Let us known the various places where computers are used.   In School Teacher uses computer to educate and it allows the students to learn modern tools and technologies.       In Banks Bank uses computer to store list of people and their accounts.       In Hospitals Computers are used in hospitals to keep patients records, medical information land to perform various medical examination.       In Offices Computer is an essential part of office management. Almost all offices use computer for common purpose such as sending e-mail and document creation.     At Railway Station and Airport Computers are used to book tickets, to keep track of information such as the number of seats available and present status of a ticket etc. They are also used for maintaining status of flights and trains.       In the Mall Computers are used in malls to keep a track of product inventory and also in billing and accounting section.   more...

      Introduction to Computer   Introduction A computer is a machine, which manipulates data according to a list of instructions. We use computers for so many things, like playing video games, solving mathematical problems, drawing pictures, watching movies, listening to music, using internet e-mailing, etc.   The device by which we type the letters, give commands to the computer is an input device called CPU (Central Processing Unit). A part of a computer performs its internal task and computers display information through output devices. Therefore, a computer has three basic parts, Input, CPU and Output.   Few important features of a computer are:   v  It is a machine. v  It works on electricity. v  It makes our work easier. v  It is very fast as compared to human beings. v  It is very accurate, it never make mistakes. v  It never gets tired. v  It has in-built memory where it can store a large number of data.     Drawbacks of a Computer   v  Computer has no feelings. v  It cannot work on its own. It needs a person to work on it and to give instructions to it   What is a Machine?   v  A machine is a tool which makes our work easier. v  It saves our time and energy. v  Machines work faster than human beings.   Example of Machines are: A television set is used for entertainment. An iron is used to iron clothes.    A car is used to for travelling.     A mobile is used for making phone calls.   Things to Remember v  Machines work faster than human beings and are made by man. v  Computer is a machine. v  It is used to play games, to draw pictures, for calculation and also to play game? v  A computer has three basic part, input, CPU and output. Answer Me   1.            Tick ( √ ) the machines.         2. more...

      Main Parts of Computer   Introduction Like we human beings have our body parts to do different task, a computer also has parts to perform different tasks.   There are four main parts of a computer. They are:   1. Monitor 2. Mouse 3. CPU 4. Keyboard Monitor   v  A monitor looks like a TV Screen. v  It displays pictures, text, movies etc on screen. v  It is also called Visual Display Unit (VDU). v  It displays information generated by computer. Mouse v  Mouse of a computer is a pointing device which looks like a real mouse. v  It has .two click buttons and one scroll wheel. v  The movement of the cursor on the screen depends on the direction of rolling the mouse on the mouse pad. v  An arrow-like figure that appears .on the monitor is called a mouse pointer.       CPU   v  CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. v  It is the main unit of a computer for processing data. v   It is also known as brain of computer. v  CPU controls all the activities of computer. v  CPU contains power ON button, disk drives, powers slot and many connectors.     Keyboard   v  Keyboard is used for data input. v  It looks like a typewriter. v  It has many keys including, 26 Alphabet keys, 9 numeric keys, 12 function keys, arrow keys, special keys, and so on. v  It is used to type alphabets, numbers and symbols.         Some Additional parts of a computer   Printer A printer is used for printing text and pictures from a computer on to paper.       Scanner A scanner scans or copies documents (text or pictures) and converts them into digital data.     Speaker Speakers help us to hear sound that comes from a computer.     Things to Remember   more...

    Type I: How to find the missing term or next term in (number/ Setter or figure) series to continue the given series?
    • Identify the order of series (descending or ascending) order. Observe the pattern using operations: addition, subtraction, skip counting and reverse counting.                                                     
    • Identify the order of alphabetical series either A to Z or Z to A.
    • Numbering of alphabets either starting from A or starting from Z.       
    • Skipping letters.                                                       
      Type II: How to find the missing term in the pattern?                  
    • To find the missing term in the pattern, identify the rule followed in rest of the given terms in a pattern using (+, -, reverse counting and skip counting).
      Type III: How to find the missing part in the figure pattern?
    • Complete the figure pattern by drawing its incomplete part in the pattern.
        EXAMPLE     1.       Which is the missing number in the number pattern?         (a) 1                             (b) 2              (c) 3                             (d) 8   Explanation (c): Rule followed in number pattern is the reverse counting: 7, 6, 5, 4,  .     2.       What is the missing alphabet in given below series? (a) I                              (b) H                (c) O                                     (d) G   Explanation (b):     3.       Which is the next figure?         (a)                       (b) more...

    Lengths How to measure or compare the lengths of given objects? ·         If objects are straight, then measure them by ruler or tape. ·         If objects are curved, then the object having maximum curve is the longest and object having minimum curve is the shortest.   Weights How to measure or compare the weights of given objects? Use weighing scale to identify the weight of objects and categorise them from the lightest to the heaviest or the heaviest to the lightest.   Money 1 Rupee = 100 paise   Time                                  ·         Sequence of day ·         Number of days in a week = 7, ·         Number of months in a year = 12      ·         1 hour = 60 minutes, 1 minute = 60 seconds     EXAMPLE     1.       Choose the answer that best describes the picture given below.             (a) The pencil is shorter than the stick. (b) The stick is shorter than the pencil. (c) The pencil is as long as the stick. (d) Cannot be determined.   Explanation (b): Length of stick = 3  or 3 units Length of pencil = 6  or 6 units Pencil is 3 units longer than stick or stick is 3 units shorter than pencil.     2.       Which set contains the maximum amount of money? (a) (b) (c) more...

    Shapes and Their Names  


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