Solved papers for RAJASTHAN PMT Rajasthan - PMT Solved Paper-2005

done Rajasthan - PMT Solved Paper-2005

  • question_answer1) A car is moving at a speed of 72 km/hr. The diameter of its wheels is 0.5 m. If the wheels are stopped in 20 rotations applying brakes. Then angular retardation provided by the brake is:

    A) \[-45.\,5\,rad/{{s}^{2}}\]

    B) \[-33.\,5\,rad/{{s}^{2}}\]

    C) \[-29.\,5\,rad/{{s}^{2}}\]

    D) \[-25.\,5\,rad/{{s}^{2}}\]

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  • question_answer2) A bullet is fired from the gun with a speed of 1000 m/s in order to hit a target s = 100 in away. At what height above the target should by gun be aimed (The resistance of air is negligible and \[g=10\,m/{{s}^{2}}\])

    A) 23 cm

    B) 15 cm

    C) 9 cm

    D) 5 cm

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  • question_answer3) If the coefficient of friction of a plane inclined at \[45{}^\circ \] is 0.5. Then acceleration of a body sliding freely on it will be:

    A) \[\frac{9.8}{2\sqrt{2}}m/{{s}^{2}}\]

    B) \[\frac{9.8}{\sqrt{2}}m/{{s}^{2}}\]

    C) \[9.8\,m/{{s}^{2}}\]

    D) \[4.8\,m/{{s}^{2}}\]

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  • question_answer4) Assuming earth to be sphere of uniform density what is the value of acceleration due to gravity at a point 100 km below the earth surface (Given \[R=6380\,\times {{10}^{3}}\,m\])

    A) 3.10 m/s

    B) \[5.06\,m/{{s}^{2}}\]

    C) \[7.64\,m/{{s}^{2}}\]

    D) \[9.66\,m/{{s}^{2}}\]

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  • question_answer5) Plancks constant has same dimension as:

    A) angular momentum

    B) linear momentum

    C) force

    D) energy

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  • question_answer6) The mass of ship is \[2\times {{10}^{7}}\,kg\]. On applying a fore of \[25\times {{10}^{5}}N,\] it is displaced through 25 m. After the displacement. The speed a required by the ship will be:

    A) 12.5 m/s

    B) 5 m/s

    C) 3.7 m/s

    D) 2.5 m/s

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  • question_answer7) A 500 kg car takes around turn of radius 50 m with a speed of 36 km/hr. The centripetel force acting on the car will be:

    A) 1200 N

    B) 1000 N

    C) 750 N

    D) 250 N

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  • question_answer8) An apple gives 21 kJ energy to a boy. How much height he can climb by using this energy. If his efficiency is 28%? (mass of boy 40 kg)

    A) 22.5 m

    B) 15 m

    C) 10m

    D) 5m

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  • question_answer9) The weight of an object at earths surface is 700 g wt. What will be its weight at the surface of a planet whose radius is 1/2 and mass is 1/7 of that of the earth?

    A) 200 g wt.

    B) 400 g wt.

    C) 50 g wt.

    D) 300 g wt.

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  • question_answer10) Out of the given bodies (of same mass) for which the moment of inertia will be maximum about the axis passing through its centre of gravity and perpendicular to its plane?

    A) Disc of radius\[a\]

    B) Ring of radius\[a\]

    C) Square lamina of side\[2a\]

    D) Pour rods of length \[2a\] making a square

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  • question_answer11) A moving body of mass in and velocity 3 km/hr. Collides with a body at rest and of mass 2 in and then sticks to it. Now the combined mass starts to move, then the combined velocity will be:

    A) 4 km/hr

    B) 3 km/hr

    C) 2 km/hr

    D) 1 km/hr

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  • question_answer12) A 120m long train is moving towards west with a speed of 10 m/s. A bird flying towards east with a speed of 3 m/s crosses the train. The time taken by the bird to cross the train will be:

    A) 16 sec

    B) 12 sec

    C) 10 sec

    D) 8sec

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  • question_answer13) The velocity of all radio waves in free space is \[3\times {{10}^{5}}\,m/s\]. The frequency of a radio wave of wavelength 150 m is:

    A) 20 kHz

    B) 2 kHz

    C) 2 MHz

    D) 1 MHz

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  • question_answer14) A boy of 50 kg is standing in a left moving down with acceleration \[9.8\,m/{{s}^{2}}\]. The apparent weight of the boy is:

    A) \[\frac{50}{9.8}N\]

    B) \[50\times 9.8\,N\]

    C) 50 N

    D) zero

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  • question_answer15) A particle executing SHM has amplitude and frequency 60 Hz. The maximum acceleration of the particle is:

    A) \[60{{\pi }^{2}}m/{{s}^{2}}\]

    B) \[88\,{{\pi }^{2}}m/{{s}^{2}}\]

    C) \[140\,{{\pi }^{2}}m/{{s}^{2}}\]

    D) \[144\,{{\pi }^{2}}m/{{s}^{2}}\]

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  • question_answer16) If the equation of motion of standing Waves is y = 0.3 sin (314 t - 1.57 x), then the velocity of standing wave will be:

    A) 400 m/s

    B) 300 m/s

    C) 200 m/s

    D) 100 m/s

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  • question_answer17) In a thermodynamics process pressure of a fixed mass of a gas is changed in such a manner that the gas molecule give out 30 joule of heat and 10 joule of work is done on the gas. If the initial internal energy of the gas was 40 joule, then the final internal energy will be:

    A) -20 J

    B) 20 J

    C) 80 J

    D) 3 J

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  • question_answer18) A black body is heated from \[{{27}^{o}}C\] to \[{{927}^{o}}C\] the ratio of radiations emitted will be:

    A) 1 : 256

    B) 1 : 64

    C) 1 : 16

    D) 1 : 4

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  • question_answer19) The efficiency of a Carnot engine operating with reservoir temperature of \[100{}^\circ C\]and \[-23{}^\circ C\] will be:

    A) \[\frac{100-23}{373}\]

    B) \[\frac{100+23}{373}\]

    C) \[\frac{100+23}{100}\]

    D) \[\frac{100-23}{100}\]

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  • question_answer20) A body cools from \[60{}^\circ C\] to \[50{}^\circ C\] in 10: minutes. If the room temperature is \[25{}^\circ C\] and assuming newtons law of cooling to hold good, the temperature of the body at the end of the next 10 minutes will be:

    A) \[25{}^\circ C\]

    B) \[42.85{}^\circ C\]

    C) \[40{}^\circ C\]

    D) \[38.5{}^\circ C\]

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  • question_answer21) A circular coil of radius 2 cm has 10 turns, if 0.5 A current is flowing through it, then what will be the magnetic field at its centre?

    A) \[1.57\times {{10}^{6}}T\]

    B) \[1.57\times {{10}^{-5}}T\]

    C) \[1.57\times {{10}^{-4}}T\]

    D) \[1.57T\]

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  • question_answer22) A galvanometer can be changed into ammeter by connecting:

    A) high resistance in parallel

    B) high resistance in series

    C) low resistance in parallel

    D) low resistance in series

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  • question_answer23) A prism has a refracting angle \[60{}^\circ \]. A ray of given monochromatic light suffers minimum deviation of \[38{}^\circ \] in passing through prism refractive index of the material of prism is:

    A) 1.5094

    B) 1.3056

    C) 0.7849

    D) 2.425

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  • question_answer24) A metal coin is at the bottom of a beaker filled with a liquid of refractive index 4/3 to height of 6 cm. To an observer looking from above the surface of the liquid, coin will appear at a depth of:

    A) 7.5 cm

    B) 6.75 cm

    C) 4.5 cm

    D) 1.5 cm

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  • question_answer25) An astronomical telescope has two lenses of focal powers 0.5 D and 20 D. Then its magnifying power will be:

    A) 8

    B) 20

    C) 30

    D) 40

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  • question_answer26) The peak value of AC voltage on a 220V mains is:

    A) \[240\sqrt{2}V\]

    B) \[230\sqrt{2}V\]

    C) \[220\sqrt{2}V\]

    D) \[200\sqrt{2}V\]

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  • question_answer27) A resistance of a galvanometer\[G=6\Omega \] maximum current of 2 amp is measured by it. Then required resistance to convert it into ail ammeter reading up to 6 A, will of:

    A) 5\[5\,\Omega \]

    B) \[4\,\Omega \]

    C) \[3\,\Omega \]

    D) \[2\,\Omega \]

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  • question_answer28) Two copper wires are of same length one of the twice as thick as the other. Then the resistance of the two wires are in the ratio of:

    A) 1 : 16

    B) 1 : 8

    C) 1 : 4

    D) 1 : 2

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  • question_answer29) A hot electric iron has a resistance of 80\[\,\Omega \] and is used on a 200 V source. The electrical energy spent, if it is used for hr, will be:

    A) 8000 Wh

    B) 2000 Wh

    C) 1000 Wh

    D) 800Wh

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  • question_answer30) In the given network capacitance \[{{C}_{2}}=10\,\mu F,\] \[{{C}_{1}}=5\,\mu F\] and \[{{C}_{3}}=4\,\mu F.\] The resultant capacitance between P and Q will be:

    A) \[4.7\,\mu F\]

    B) \[1.2\,\mu F\]

    C) \[3.2\,\mu F\]

    D) \[2.2\,\mu F\]

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  • question_answer31) The no. of turns in primary and secondary of a transformer are 5 and 10 and mutual inductance of transformer is 25 henry. Now, the no. of turns in primary and secondary are 10 and 5, the new mutual inductance will be:

    A) 6.25 H

    B) 12.5H

    C) 25 H

    D) 50 H

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  • question_answer32) From a point charge, there is a fixed point A. At A, there is an electric field of 500 volt/meter and potential difference of 3000 V. Distance between the point charge and A is

    A) 24 m

    B) 16 m

    C) 12 m

    D) 6 m

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  • question_answer33) In the inductive circuit given in the figure, the currents rises after the switch is closed. At instant when the current is 15 mA, then potential difference across the inductor will be:

    A) zero

    B) 240 V

    C) 180 V

    D) 60 V

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  • question_answer34) From resistances of 100 ohm each are connected in the form of a square. The effective resistance along the diagonal points P R. is:

    A) \[100\,\Omega \]

    B) \[180\,\Omega \]

    C) \[220\,\Omega \]

    D) \[440\,\Omega \]

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  • question_answer35) 700 pF capacitor is charged by 50 V battery. Electrostatic energy is stored by it will be:

    A) \[17.0\times {{10}^{-8}}J\]

    B) \[13.0\times {{10}^{-9}}J\]

    C) \[8.7\times {{10}^{-7}}J\]

    D) \[6.7\times {{10}^{-7}}J\]

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  • question_answer36) An aeroplane having a wing space of 35 m flies due north with the speed of 90 m/s given \[B\,4\times {{10}^{-5}}\]tesla. The potential difference between the tips of the wings will be:

    A) 0.013V

    B) 1.26V

    C) 12.6V

    D) 0.126V

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  • question_answer37) Two coils have mutual inductance 0.005 H. The current changes in the first coil according to equation\[I={{I}_{0}}\] sin cot. Where \[{{I}_{0}}=10\] amp and \[\omega =10\,\pi \] rad/sec. The maximum value of emf in the second coil is:

    A) \[12\,\pi \]

    B) \[8\,\pi \]

    C) \[5\,\pi \]

    D) \[2\,\pi \]

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  • question_answer38) A radioactive element has half life of 3.6 days. In what time will it be left 1/32nd undecayed?

    A) 4 days

    B) 12 days

    C) 18 days

    D) 24 days

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  • question_answer39) In a \[\text{p-}\]type semiconductor germanium is doped with:

    A) gallium

    B) aluminium

    C) boron

    D) all of these

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  • question_answer40) The wavelength associated with an electron accelerated through a potential difference of 100 V is of the order of:

    A) \[1.2\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

    B) \[10.5\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

    C) \[100\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

    D) \[1000\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

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  • question_answer41) A body whose moment of inertia is 3 kg-m2 is in rest. It is rotated for 20 sec by a torque of 6 Nm, angular displacement of the body will be:

    A) 400 radian

    B) 200 radian

    C) 100 radian

    D) 250 radian

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  • question_answer42) A straight conductor of length 4 m moves at a speed of 10 m/s. When the conductor makes an angle of \[30{}^\circ \] with the direction of magnetic field of induction of 0.1 wb.perm2 then induced emf. is:

    A) 8 V

    B) 4 V

    C) 1 V

    D) 2 V

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  • question_answer43) The work function for aluminium surface is 4.2eV. The cutoff wavelength for photoelectric effect is:

    A) \[1000\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

    B) \[2000\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

    C) \[2955\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

    D) \[4200\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

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  • question_answer44) The ionization potential of hydrogen atom is 13.6 volt. In the lowest energy level, this atom is ionized by absorbing a photon of \[800\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]. The kinetic energy of the released electron will be:

    A) 15.51 eV

    B) 2.91 eV

    C) 13.6 eV

    D) 1.91 eV

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  • question_answer45) Penetrating power is minimum for:

    A) X-rays

    B) \[\text{-}\]rays

    C) \[\text{-}\]rays

    D) \[\text{-}\]rays

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  • question_answer46) The functions of moderators in nuclear reactor is to:

    A) decrease the speed of neutrons

    B) increase the speed of neutrons

    C) decrease the speed of electrons

    D) increase the speed of electrons

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  • question_answer47) A chain reaction in fission of uranium is possible, because:

    A) two intermediate sized nuclear fragments are formed

    B) three neutrons are given out in each fission

    C) fragments in fission are radioactive

    D) large amount of energy is released

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  • question_answer48) A nuclei X with mass number A and charge number Z, disintegrates into one \[\alpha \text{-}\]particle and one (\[\beta \text{-}\]particle. The resulting nuclide R has atomic mass and atomic number, equal to:

    A) (A - Z) and (Z - 1)

    B) (A- Z) and (Z- 2)

    C) (A - 4) and (A - 2)

    D) A - 4) and (Z- 1)

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  • question_answer49) Two inductors each of inductance L are joined in parallel. Their equivalent inductance will be:

    A) zero

    B) \[\frac{L}{2}\]

    C) L

    D) 2 L

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  • question_answer50) What will be the amount of energy absorbed when an electron jumps from first orbit to second orbits? (If the value of energy in nth orbit of H-atom is expressed as \[{{E}_{n}}=-\frac{13.6}{{{n}^{2}}}eV)\]

    A) - 3.4 eV

    B) - 6.6 eV

    C) -8.1eV

    D) -10.2eV

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  • question_answer51) The velocity of bullet is reduced from 200 m/s to 100 m/s while travelling through a wooden block of thickness of 10 cm. The retardation assuming to be uniform, will be:

    A) \[15\times {{10}^{4}}m/{{s}^{2}}\]

    B) \[13.5\times {{10}^{4}}m/{{s}^{2}}\]

    C) \[12\times {{10}^{4}}m/{{s}^{2}}\]

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer52) A stone tied to one end of spring 80 cm long is whirled in a horizontal circle with a constant speed. If stone makes25 revolutions in 14 sec. the magnitude of acceleration of stone is:

    A) \[850\,cm/{{s}^{2}}\]

    B) \[996\,cm/{{s}^{2}}\]

    C) \[720\,cm/{{s}^{2}}\]

    D) \[650\,cm/{{s}^{2}}\]

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  • question_answer53) A concave mirror of focal length 15 cm forms an image having twice the linear dimension of the object. The position of the object when the image is virtual will be:

    A) 45 cm

    B) 30 cm

    C) 7.5 cm

    D) 22.5 cm

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  • question_answer54) The thermodynamic co-ordinates of a jar filled with gas A are P. V and T and another jar B filled with another gas are IP, V/4 and 2T, where the symbols have their usual meaning. The ratio of the number of molecules of jar A to those of jar B is:

    A) 4 : 1

    B) 2 : 1

    C) 1 : 2

    D) 1 : 1

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  • question_answer55) If the pressure of a gas contained in a vessel is increased by 0.4% when heated through 1\[{}^\circ C\], the initial temperature had been:

    A) 2500 K

    B) 250 K

    C) \[250{}^\circ C\]

    D) \[25{}^\circ C\]

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  • question_answer56) A square loop of side L carries current t, magnetic field at the centre of the loop:

    A) does not depend on L

    B) directly proportional to \[{{L}^{2}}\]

    C) inversly proportional to L

    D) directly proportional to L

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  • question_answer57) For a given angle of projection, if the time of flight of a projectile is doubled the horizontal range will increase to:

    A) four times

    B) thrice

    C) once

    D) twice

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  • question_answer58) When the kinetic energy of a body executing S.H.M. is 1/3 of the potential energy. The displacement of the body is x percent of the amplitude, where x is:

    A) 33

    B) 87

    C) 67

    D) 50

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  • question_answer59) In the case of horse pulling a cart, the force that causes the horse to move forward is the force that:

    A) the horse exerts on the ground

    B) the horse exerts on the cart

    C) the ground exerts on the horse

    D) the cart exerts on the horse

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  • question_answer60) If retardation produced by air resistance of projectile is one-tenth of acceleration due to gravity, the lime to reach maximum height:

    A) decreases by 11 percent

    B) increases by 11 percent

    C) decreases by 90 percent

    D) increases by 90 percent

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  • question_answer61) y component of velocity is 20 and x component of velocity is 10. The direction of motion of the body with the horizontal at this instant is:

    A) \[{{\tan }^{-1}}(2)\]

    B) \[{{\tan }^{-1}}(1/2)\]

    C) \[45{}^\circ \]

    D) \[0{}^\circ \]

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  • question_answer62) The dimensional formula of light year is:

    A) \[[{{L}^{-1}}]\]

    B) \[[{{T}^{-1}}]\]

    C) \[[L]\]

    D) \[[T]\]

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  • question_answer63) In a good conductor of electricity, the type of bonding that exists is:

    A) ionic

    B) van der waal

    C) covalent

    D) metallic

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  • question_answer64) Two identical straight wires are stretched so as to produce 6 beats per second when vibrating simultaneously. On changing the tension slightly in one of them, the beat frequency stilt remains unchanged. Denoting by \[{{T}_{1}}\]and \[{{T}_{2,}}\] the higher and the lower initial tensions in the strings, it could be said that while making the above changes in tension:

    A) \[{{T}_{1}}\]was decreased

    B) \[{{T}_{1}}\]was increased

    C) \[{{T}_{2}}\] was increased

    D) \[{{T}_{2}}\] was decreased

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  • question_answer65) When beats are produced by two progressive waves of the same amplitude and of nearly the same frequency, the ratio of maximum loudness to the loudness of one of the waves will be n. Where n is:

    A) 3

    B) 1

    C) 4

    D) 2

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  • question_answer66) A body is suspended from a smooth horizontal nail by a string of length 0.25 metre. What minimum horizontal velocity should be given to it in the lowest position so that it may move in a complete vertical circle with the nail at the centre?

    A) \[\sqrt{12.25}\,m{{s}^{-1}}\]

    B) \[4.9\,m{{s}^{-1}}\]

    C) \[7\sqrt{2}\,m{{s}^{-1}}\]

    D) \[\sqrt{9.8}\,m{{s}^{-1}}\]

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  • question_answer67) Two rain drops falling through air have radii in the ratio 1 : 2. They will have terminal velocity in the ratio:

    A) 4 : 1

    B) 1 : 4

    C) 2 : 1

    D) 1 : 2

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  • question_answer68) A body is acted on by force towards a point. The magnitude of the force is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. The path of body will be:

    A) ellipse

    B) hyperbola

    C) circle

    D) parabola

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  • question_answer69) An electric immersion heater of 1.08 kW is immersed in water. After the water has readied a temperature of\[100{}^\circ C\], how much time will be required to produce 100 got steam?

    A) 210 s

    B) 105 s

    C) 420 s

    D) 50 s

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  • question_answer70) The speed of sound through oxygen at TK is \[\upsilon \,m{{s}^{-1}}\]. As the temperature becomes 2T and oxygen gas dissociates into atomic oxygen, the speed of sound:

    A) remains the same

    B) becomes \[2\upsilon \]

    C) becomes \[\sqrt{2\upsilon }\]

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer71) Illumination of the sun at noon is maximum because:

    A) scattering is reduced at noon

    B) refraction of light is minimum at noon

    C) rays are incident almost normally

    D) the sun is nearer to earth at noon

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  • question_answer72) Two spheres of radii in the ratio 1 : 2 and densities in the ratio 2 : 1 and of same specific heat, are heated to same temperature and left in the same surrounding. Their rate of cooling will be in the ratio :

    A) 2 : 1

    B) 1 : 1

    C) 1 : 2

    D) 1 : 4

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  • question_answer73) The formation of ice is started in a lake with water at \[0{}^\circ C\]. When the atmospheric temperature is -\[10{}^\circ C\]. If time taken for 1 cm of ice to be formed is 7 hours, the time taken for the thickness of ice to increase from 1 cm to cm is:

    A) less than 7 hours

    B) 7 hours

    C) more than 14 hours

    D) more than 7 hours but less than 14 hours

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  • question_answer74) If an ideal flask containing hot coffee is shaken, the temperature of the coffee will:

    A) decrease

    B) increase

    C) remain same

    D) decrease if temperature is below \[4{}^\circ C\] and increase if temperature is equal to or more than \[4{}^\circ C\]

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  • question_answer75) Water is used to cool the radiators of engines in cars because:

    A) of its low boiling point

    B) of its high specific heat

    C) of its low density

    D) of its easy availability

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  • question_answer76) Suppose radius of the moons orbit around the earth is doubled. Its period around the earth will become :

    A) 1/2 times

    B) \[\sqrt{2}\] times

    C) \[{{2}^{2/3}}\] times

    D) \[{{2}^{3/2}}\] times

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  • question_answer77) A sphere is accelerated upwards by a cord whose braking strength is four times its weight. The maximum acceleration with which the sphere can move up without breaking the cord is:

    A) g

    B) 3g

    C) 2g

    D) 4g

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  • question_answer78) The potential due to dipole at a point is proportional to:

    A) \[{{r}^{-2}}\]

    B) \[{{r}^{3}}\]

    C) \[{{r}^{2}}\]

    D) r

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  • question_answer79) The capacitance of a spherical conductor with radius 1 m is:

    A) \[9\times {{10}^{-9}}F\]

    B) \[1\mu F\]

    C) \[2.5\times {{10}^{-10}}F\]

    D) \[1\times {{10}^{-6}}F\]

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  • question_answer80) A body moves for a total of nine second starting from rest with uniform acceleration and then with uniform retardation, which is twice the value of acceleration and then stops. The duration of uniform acceleration is:

    A) 3 s

    B) 4.5 s

    C) 5s

    D) 6 s

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  • question_answer81) The magnifying power of objective of a compound microscope is 7. If magnifying power of microscope is 35, the magnifying power of eye lens will be:

    A) 5

    B) 30

    C) 35

    D) 28

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  • question_answer82) A convex lens makes a real image of 4 cm long on a screen. When the km is shifted to a new position without disturbing the object or the screen, we get a real image on the screen, which is 16 cm long. The length of the object is:

    A) 1/4 cm

    B) 8 cm

    C) 20 cm

    D) 2 cm

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  • question_answer83) The displacement equation for a progressive wave is \[y=5\times {{10}^{-5}}\] sin (100 t-50 x), where quantities are in MKS system, velocity of wave will be:

    A) 1 m/s

    B) 2 m/s

    C) 0.5 m/s

    D) 15 m/s

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  • question_answer84) Bernoullis principle is based on the law of conservation of:

    A) angular momentum

    B) linear momentum

    C) mass

    D) energy

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  • question_answer85) The colour of a star indicates its:

    A) temperature

    B) distance

    C) velocity

    D) size

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  • question_answer86) Efficiency of a half-wave rectifier is nearly:

    A) 80%

    B) 60%

    C) 40%

    D) 20%

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  • question_answer87) The current ill a diode is related to the voltage V by the equation:

    A) \[I\propto {{V}^{1/2}}\]

    B) \[I\propto {{V}^{3/2}}\]

    C) \[I\propto {{V}^{2}}\]

    D) \[I\propto V\]

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  • question_answer88) An X-ray photon has a wavelength \[0.01\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]. Its momentum (in \[kg\,m{{s}^{-1}}\]) is:

    A) \[6.66\,\times {{10}^{-22}}\]

    B) \[3.3\,\times {{10}^{-32}}\]

    C) \[6.6\times {{10}^{-22}}\]

    D) 0

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  • question_answer89) The equation \[{{4}_{1}}{{H}^{1}}{{\xrightarrow{{}}}_{2}}H{{e}^{4++}}+2{{e}^{+}}+26\,MeV\]represents:

    A) \[\text{-}\]decay

    B) \[\beta \text{-}\] decay

    C) fission

    D) fusion

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  • question_answer90) An infinitely long straight conductor is bent into the shape as shown in figure. It carries a current (A and radius of the circular loop is r m. The magnetic field at the centre of the loop is:

    A) \[{{\mu }_{0i}}(\pi -1)/2\pi r\]

    B) \[{{\mu }_{0i}}(\pi +1)/2\pi r\]

    C) \[{{\mu }_{i}}/2\pi r\]

    D) none of the above

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  • question_answer91) According to Newton viscus force is given by \[F=-\eta A\frac{d\upsilon }{dx}\]where\[\eta =\]coefficient of viscosity, so dimensions of \[\eta \] will be:

    A) \[[M{{L}^{-1}}{{T}^{-2}}]\]

    B) \[[ML{{T}^{-2}}]\]

    C) \[[M{{L}^{-1}}{{T}^{-1}}]\]

    D) \[[{{M}^{-1}}{{L}^{2}}{{T}^{-2}}]\]

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  • question_answer92) A truck travelling due north at \[20\,m{{s}^{-1}}\] turns west and travels with same speed. What is the change in velocity?

    A) \[20\sqrt{2}\,m{{s}^{-1}}\] south-west

    B) \[40\,m{{s}^{-1}}\] south-west

    C) \[20\sqrt{2}\,m{{s}^{-1}}\] north-west

    D) \[40\,m{{s}^{-1}}\] north-west

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  • question_answer93) An iron bar of length \[l\] and having a cross-section A is heated from 0 to \[100{}^\circ C\]. If this bar is so held that it is not permitted to expand or bend/ the force that is developed, is:

    A) inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area of the bar

    B) independent of the length of the bar

    C) inversely proportional to the length of the bar

    D) directly proportional to the length of the bar

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  • question_answer94) A body of uniform cross-sectional area floats in a liquid of density thrice its value. The fraction of exposed height will be:

    A) \[\frac{2}{3}\]

    B) \[\frac{5}{6}\]

    C) \[\frac{1}{6}\]

    D) \[\frac{1}{3}\]

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  • question_answer95) The restoring force of SHM is maximum when particle :

    A) displacement is maximum

    B) half way between them

    C) when crossing mean position

    D) at rest

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  • question_answer96) Two forces of UN and 8N act upon a body. The resultant force on the body has a maximum Value of :

    A) 4 N

    B) 0 N

    C) 20 N

    D) 8 N

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  • question_answer97) Which of following pairs does not have similar dimensions?

    A) Plancks constant and angular momentum

    B) Tension and surface tension

    C) Angle and strain

    D) Stress and pressure

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  • question_answer98) Four tenses arc made from the same type of glass. The radius of curvature of each face is given below. Which will have the greatest positive power?

    A) 10 cm convex and 15 concave

    B) 5 cm convex and 10 cm concave

    C) 15 cm convex and plane

    D) 20 cm convex and 30 cm concave

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  • question_answer99) The slope of a graph drawn between threshold frequency and stopping potential is:

    A) e

    B) h

    C) \[\frac{h}{e}\]

    D) he

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  • question_answer100) The truth table given below belongs for which gate?

    A B C
    0 0 1
    0 1 1
    1 0 1
    1 1 0

    A) OR

    B) XOR

    C) AND

    D) NAND

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  • question_answer101) Formalin is:

    A) \[HCHO\]

    B) \[C{{H}_{3}}CHO\]

    C) \[HCOOH\]

    D) \[C{{H}_{3}}COOH\]

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  • question_answer102) Nesslers reagent is:

    A) \[NaHgC{{l}_{4}}\]

    B) \[{{K}_{2}}Hg{{l}_{4}}\]

    C) \[Hg{{(N{{H}_{3}})}_{2}}Cl\]

    D) \[{{K}_{2}}Hf{{I}_{4}}+KOH\]

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  • question_answer103) The process of zinc-plating on iron sheet is known as:

    A) aneling

    B) roasting

    C) galvanization

    D) smelting

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  • question_answer104) The correct one for \[d-\]orbital is:

    A) \[(n-1){{d}^{1-9}}n{{s}^{1}}\]

    B) \[(n-1){{d}^{1-10}}n{{s}^{1-2}}\]

    C) \[(n-1){{d}^{1-5}}\]

    D) \[(n-1){{d}^{1-10}}n{{s}^{2}}\]

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  • question_answer105) The oxygen obtained from \[72\,\,kg\] of water is:

    A) \[72\,\,kg\]

    B) \[46\,\,kg\]

    C) \[50\,\,kg\]

    D) \[64\,\,kg\]

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  • question_answer106) The correct order of relative acidity is:

    A) \[HClO>HCl{{O}_{2}}>HCl{{O}_{3}}>HCl{{O}_{2}}\]

    B) \[HCl{{O}_{4}}>HCl{{O}_{3}}>HCl{{O}_{2}}>HClO\]

    C) \[HClO>HCl{{O}_{4}}>HCl{{O}_{2}}>HCl{{O}_{3}}\]

    D) \[HCl{{O}_{3}}>HCl{{O}_{2}}>HCl{{O}_{4}}>HClO\]

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  • question_answer107) The oxidation state of \[{{M}^{3+}}\] after removing three electrons is:

    A) \[zero\]

    B) \[+3\]

    C) \[+6\]

    D) \[-6\]

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  • question_answer108) The oil of wintergreen is:

    A) ethyl salicylate

    B) methyl salicylate

    C) benzaldehyde

    D) phenyl salicylate

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  • question_answer109) The lightest as is:

    A) \[{{N}_{2}}\]

    B) \[Ar\]

    C) \[Rn\]

    D) \[He\]

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  • question_answer110) The half-life period of radium is 1580 years. It remains 1/16 after the years:

    A) 1580 years

    B) 3160 years

    C) 4740 years

    D) 6320 years

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  • question_answer111) \[_{90}{{K}^{40}}\]and \[_{20}C{{a}^{40}}\] are known as:

    A) isotopes

    B) isobars

    C) inslones

    D) isodiaphers

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  • question_answer112) The ore of aluminium is:

    A) carnalite

    B) malachite

    C) galena

    D) bauxite

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  • question_answer113) The equivalent weight of \[KMn{{O}_{4}}\] in acidic medium is:

    A) \[158\]

    B) \[52.67\]

    C) \[31.6\]

    D) \[49\]

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  • question_answer114) The species responsible for nitraction is:

    A) \[NO_{2}^{+}\]

    B) \[N{{O}_{3}}\]

    C) \[N{{O}_{2}}\]

    D) all the above

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  • question_answer115) A compound \[(60\,\,g)\] on analysis produce carbon, hydrogen and oxygen\[24\,\,g\], \[4\,\,g\] and \[32\,\,g\] respectively. The empirical formula is:

    A) \[{{C}_{2}}{{H}_{2}}{{O}_{2}}\]

    B) \[{{C}_{2}}{{H}_{4}}{{O}_{2}}\]

    C) \[C{{H}_{2}}O\]

    D) \[{{C}_{2}}{{H}_{4}}{{O}_{6}}\]

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  • question_answer116) The indicator used for the filtration of weak base and strong acid is:

    A) thymol blue

    B) methyl orange

    C) phenolphthalein

    D) fluorescein

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  • question_answer117) The reagent used for Friedel Crafts reaction is:

    A) dry ether

    B) \[AlC{{l}_{3}}\]

    C) anhydrous\[AlC{{l}_{3}}\]

    D) \[{{P}_{2}}{{O}_{5}}\]

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  • question_answer118) For converting a solution of \[100\,\,ml\,\,KCl\] of \[0.4\,\,M\] concentration into a solution of \[KCl\,\,0.05\,\,M\] concentration. The quantity of water added is:

    A) \[900\,\,ml\]

    B) \[700\,\,ml\]

    C) \[500\,\,ml\]

    D) \[300\,\,ml\]

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  • question_answer119) Buffer is a colloidal solution of:

    A) solid - solid

    B) liquid - solid

    C) solid - liquid

    D) gas - solid

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  • question_answer120) Acetone and chloroform reacts to produce:

    A) \[C{{H}_{3}}COO{{C}_{2}}{{H}_{5}}\]

    B) \[C{{H}_{3}}CHO\]

    C) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}Cl\]

    D) \[HCHO\]

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  • question_answer121) The Claisen condensation reaction is given by:

    A) \[C{{H}_{3}}COO{{C}_{2}}{{H}_{5}}\]

    B) \[C{{H}_{3}}CHO\]

    C) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}Cl\]

    D) \[HCHO\]

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  • question_answer122) The laboratory method for the preparation of\[{{H}_{2}}{{O}_{2}}\]is by:

    A) \[{{H}_{2}}S{{O}_{4}}\]

    B) \[N{{H}_{4}}HS{{O}_{4}}\]

    C) \[N{{a}_{2}}{{O}_{2}}+{{H}_{2}}S{{O}_{4}}\]

    D) all the above

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  • question_answer123) Picric acid is:

    A) trinitro toluene

    B) trinitro benzene

    C) trinitro phenol

    D) trinitro aniline

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  • question_answer124) \[_{90}T{{h}^{232}}{{\xrightarrow{{}}}_{82}}P{{b}^{208}}\] The number of \[\alpha \] and \[\beta \] particles emitted during the above reaction is:

    A) \[8\alpha \]and\[4\beta \]

    B) \[8\alpha \]and\[16\beta \]

    C) \[4\alpha \]and\[2\beta \]

    D) \[6\alpha \]and\[4\beta \]

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  • question_answer125) The phenomenon of mutation is:

    A) chemical change in DNA molecule

    B) production of macromolecules

    C) synthesis of macromolecules

    D) invasion of foreign micro-organism

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  • question_answer126) The \[cis\] and trails isomers are represented by:

    A) pent-1-ene

    B) but-2-ene

    C) prop-1-ene

    D) but-1-ene

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  • question_answer127) Duralumin is an alloy of:

    A) \[Al+Mn\]

    B) \[Al+Mg+Ni+Mn\]

    C) \[Al+Mg+Ni\]

    D) \[Al+Mg+Mn+Cu\]

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  • question_answer128) The incorrect statement for \[d-\]block element is:

    A) it shows magnetic property

    B) it has variable valency

    C) it has tendency for formation of coloured ions

    D) it has complete \[d-\]orbitals

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  • question_answer129) The hybridisation present in \[I{{F}_{3}}\] is:

    A) \[s{{p}^{3}}d\]

    B) \[s{{p}^{3}}\]

    C) \[s{{p}^{3}}{{d}^{2}}\]

    D) \[s{{p}^{3}}{{d}^{3}}\]

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  • question_answer130) The \[IUPAC\] name of \[\begin{align} & C{{H}_{2}}=CH-CH-C{{H}_{2}}-C{{H}_{3}} \\ & \,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\overset{|}{\mathop{C}}\,{{H}_{2}}-C{{H}_{2}}-C{{H}_{3}} \\ \end{align}\] is:

    A) 3-proply pentene-1

    B) 3-ethyl-penten-1

    C) 4-ethyl-hexenc-1

    D) 3-ethyl-hexene-1

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  • question_answer131) The relation of \[\Delta H\] and \[\Delta E\] is represented as:

    A) \[\Delta H=\Delta E-P\Delta V\]

    B) \[\Delta E=\Delta H-P\Delta V\]

    C) \[\Delta H=\Delta E+\Delta nRT\]

    D) \[\Delta E=\Delta V+\Delta H\]

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  • question_answer132) The number of a and K bonds present in\[CH\equiv C-C{{H}_{2}}-CH=C{{H}_{2}}\]is:

    A) \[10\sigma 3\pi \]

    B) \[11\sigma 2\pi \]

    C) \[9\sigma 3\pi \]

    D) \[10\sigma 2\pi \]

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  • question_answer133) The incorrect statement for \[14\,\,g\] of \[CO\] is:

    A) it occupies \[2.24\,\,litre\] at\[NTP\]

    B) it corresponds to \[\frac{1}{2}\] mole of\[CO\]

    C) it corresponds to same mole of \[CO\] and \[{{N}_{3}}\]

    D) it corresponds to\[3.01\times {{10}^{23}}\]molecules of \[CO\]

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  • question_answer134) \[N{{H}_{4}}Cl(s)\xrightarrow{{}}N{{H}_{3}}(g)+HCl(g)\] When the above reaction occurs, the entropy

    A) remains same

    B) decrease

    C) increases

    D) none of the above

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  • question_answer135) Carbogen is a mixture of:

    A) \[C{{O}_{2}}+{{N}_{2}}\]

    B) \[CO+{{O}_{2}}\]

    C) \[C{{O}_{2}}+{{O}_{2}}\]

    D) \[C+{{H}_{2}}+{{N}_{2}}\]

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  • question_answer136) The carboxylic acid which reduces Tollens reagent is:

    A) \[HCOOH\]

    B) \[C{{H}_{3}}COOH\]

    C) \[C{{H}_{3}}C{{H}_{2}}COOH\]

    D) \[C{{H}_{3}}C{{H}_{2}}C{{H}_{2}}COOH\]

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  • question_answer137) The dissociation constant of two acids \[H{{A}_{1}}\] and \[H{{A}_{2}}\] are \[3.0\times {{10}^{-4}}\] and \[1.8\times {{10}^{-5}}\] respectively. The relative strengths of the acids is:

    A) \[1:16\]

    B) \[1:4\]

    C) \[4:1\]

    D) \[16:1\]

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  • question_answer138) The moderator used in nuclear reactors is:

    A) \[TEL\]

    B) \[{{D}_{2}}O\]

    C) \[{{H}_{2}}{{O}_{2}}\]

    D) \[R-O-R\]

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  • question_answer139) One mole of \[C{{H}_{4}}\] contains:

    A) \[4\,\,g\] atoms of hydrogen

    B) \[3.0\,\,g\] atoms of carbon

    C) \[6.02\times {{10}^{23}}\] atomy of hydrogen

    D) \[1.81\times {{10}^{23}}\] molecules of\[C{{H}^{4}}\]

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  • question_answer140) The electron affinity of \[Be\] is similar to:

    A) \[He\]

    B) \[B\]

    C) \[Li\]

    D) \[Na\]

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  • question_answer141) The oxidation number of sulphur in\[N{{a}_{2}}{{S}_{2}}{{O}_{3}}\] is:

    A) \[+1\]

    B) \[+2\]

    C) \[+3\]

    D) \[-3\]

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  • question_answer142) The number of double bonds in gammexane is:

    A) \[0\]

    B) \[1\]

    C) \[2\]

    D) \[3\]

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  • question_answer143) Benzaldehyde is converted to benzy alcohol by:

    A) Wurtz reaction

    B) Cannizzaro reaction

    C) Fittig reaction

    D) Wurz Fittig reaction

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  • question_answer144) Sindoor is represented by:

    A) \[Pb{{(N{{O}_{3}})}_{2}}\]

    B) \[PbC{{O}_{3}}Pb{{(OH)}_{2}}\]

    C) \[Pb{{(OH)}_{2}}4PbC{{O}_{3}}\]

    D) \[P{{b}_{3}}{{O}_{4}}\]

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  • question_answer145) The most polar bond is:

    A) \[O-F\]

    B) \[N-Cl\]

    C) \[N-F\]

    D) \[N-N\]

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  • question_answer146) Aniline reacts with chloroform in presence of alcoholic \[KOH\] to produce bad smelling compound. The compound produced is :

    A) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}NC\]

    B) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}CN\]

    C) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}Cl\]

    D) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}NH{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}\]

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  • question_answer147) Bronze is a mixture of:

    A) \[Pb+Sn\]

    B) \[Cu+Sn\]

    C) \[Cu+Zn\]

    D) \[Pb+Zn\]

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  • question_answer148) Atom bomb is based on the principle of:

    A) nuclear fusion

    B) nuclear fission

    C) nuclear transformation

    D) carbon dating

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  • question_answer149) Glycerol on oxidation with bismuth nitrate produce:

    A) glyceric acid

    B) glyoxalic acid

    C) oxalic acid

    D) meso oxalic acid

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  • question_answer150) The osmotic pressure of \[5%\] solution of cane-sugar at \[{{150}^{o}}C\] is:

    A) \[3.47\,\,atm\]

    B) \[5.07\,\,atm\]

    C) \[2.09\,\,atm\]

    D) \[4.03\,\,atm\]

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  • question_answer151) Cadmium rods are used for which purpose?

    A) Emit electrons

    B) Absorb neutrons

    C) Emit neutrons

    D) absorb electrons

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  • question_answer152) Propionic acid and \[KOH\] reacts to produce which one of the following?

    A) Potassium propionate

    B) Propyl alcohol

    C) Propionaldehyde

    D) Does not react

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  • question_answer153) What is the effect of dilution on the equivalent conductance of strong electrolyte?

    A) Decrease on dilution

    B) Remains unchanged

    C) Increase on dilution

    D) None of the above

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  • question_answer154) \[35.4\,\,mL\] of \[HO\] is required for the neutralization of a solution containing 0.275 g of sodium hydroxide. The normality of hydrochloric acid is?

    A) \[0.97\,\,N\]

    B) \[0.142\,\,N\]

    C) \[0.194\,\,N\]

    D) \[0.244\,\,N\]

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  • question_answer155) When \[{{H}_{2}}S\] gas is passed in a metal sulphate solution in presence of\[N{{H}_{4}}OH\], a white precipitate is produced. The metal is identified as:

    A) \[Zn\]

    B) \[Fe\]

    C) \[Pb\]

    D) \[Hg\]

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  • question_answer156) The value of amu is which of the following?

    A) \[1.57\times {{10}^{-24}}kg\]

    B) \[1.66\times {{10}^{-124}}kg\]

    C) \[1.99\times {{10}^{-124}}kg\]

    D) \[1.66\times {{10}^{-27}}kg\]

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  • question_answer157) The molecule having largest dipole moment among the following is:

    A) \[CH{{I}_{3}}\]

    B) \[C{{H}_{4}}\]

    C) \[CHC{{l}_{3}}\]

    D) \[CC{{l}_{4}}\]

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  • question_answer158) When calcium acetate is distilled, it will produce which of the following compound?

    A) \[C{{H}_{3}}COOH\]

    B) \[C{{H}_{3}}CHO\]

    C) \[C{{H}_{3}}COC{{H}_{3}}\]

    D) all of these

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  • question_answer159) Which of the following electronic configuration represents noble gas?

    A) \[n{{s}^{2}}n{{p}^{6}}\]

    B) \[n{{s}^{2}}n{{p}^{2}}\]

    C) \[n{{s}^{2}}n{{p}^{4}}\]

    D) \[n{{s}^{2}}n{{p}^{3}}\]

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  • question_answer160) Sodium pyrophosphate is represented by which of the following formula?

    A) \[N{{a}_{2}}{{P}_{2}}{{O}_{4}}\]

    B) \[N{{a}_{4}}{{P}_{2}}{{O}_{5}}\]

    C) \[N{{a}_{4}}{{P}_{2}}{{O}_{7}}\]

    D) \[N{{a}_{2}}{{P}_{2}}{{O}_{5}}\]

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  • question_answer161) Which one of the following can produce hydrogen when treated with metallic sodium?

    A) \[{{(C{{H}_{3}})}_{2}}NH\]

    B) \[C{{H}_{3}}N{{H}_{2}}\]

    C) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}N{{H}_{2}}\]

    D) \[C{{H}_{3}}CON{{H}_{2}}\]

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  • question_answer162) Which one of the following has unit positive charge and 1 amu mass?

    A) Electron

    B) Neutron

    C) Proton

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer163) What is the co-ordination number of body centred cube?

    A) 8

    B) 6

    C) 4

    D) 12

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  • question_answer164) Which gas is evolved by the treatment of magnesium with very dilute solution of\[HN{{O}_{3}}?\]

    A) \[{{N}_{2}}\]

    B) \[N{{O}_{2}}\]

    C) \[{{H}_{2}}\]

    D) \[{{H}_{2}}O\]

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  • question_answer165) Which of the following compound showy aromatic properties?

    A) Valine

    B) Leucine

    C) Serine

    D) Tyrosine

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  • question_answer166) Which one of the following pair shows Buffers solution?

    A) \[NaCl+NaOH\]

    B) \[C{{H}_{3}}COONa+C{{H}_{3}}COOH\]

    C) \[C{{H}_{3}}COOH+C{{H}_{3}}COON{{H}_{4}}\]

    D) \[{{H}_{2}}S{{O}_{4}}+CuS{{O}_{4}}\]

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  • question_answer167) \[PC{{l}_{3}}\] and cold water reacts to produce which of the following?

    A) \[{{H}_{3}}P{{O}_{3}}\]

    B) \[{{H}_{3}}P{{O}_{2}}\]

    C) \[{{H}_{4}}{{P}_{2}}{{O}_{7}}\]

    D) \[{{H}_{3}}P{{O}_{4}}\]

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  • question_answer168) Which of the following converts carbonyl compounds into hydrocarbons?

    A) \[{{H}_{2}}/Pt\]

    B) \[LiAl{{H}_{4}}\]

    C) \[{{K}_{2}}C{{r}_{2}}{{O}_{7}}/{{H}_{2}}S{{O}_{4}}\]

    D) \[Zn\text{-}H/HCl\]

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  • question_answer169) Which of the following chloride is water insoluble?

    A) \[HCl\]

    B) \[AgCl\]

    C) Both a and b

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer170) How many neutrons are present in tritium nucleus?

    A) 2

    B) 3

    C) 1

    D) 0

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  • question_answer171) The total number of protons in \[10\,\,g\] of calcium carbonate is\[({{N}_{0}}=6.023\times {{10}^{23}})\]:

    A) \[3.01\times {{10}^{24}}\]

    B) \[4.06\times {{10}^{24}}\]

    C) \[2.01\times {{10}^{24}}\]

    D) \[3.02\times {{10}^{24}}\]

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  • question_answer172) By dissolving \[5\,\,g\] substance in \[50\,\,g\] of water, the decrease in freezing point is \[{{1.2}^{o}}C\]. The\[g\] molal depression is\[{{185}^{o}}C\]. The molecular weight of substance is:

    A) \[105.4\]

    B) \[118.2\]

    C) \[137.2\]

    D) \[154.2\]

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  • question_answer173) The high boiling point of water is due to which reason:

    A) co-ordinate bonding

    B) covalent bond

    C) electrostatic force of attraction

    D) hydrogen bonding

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  • question_answer174) Which is correct for an endothermic reaction?

    A) \[\Delta H\] is positive

    B) \[\Delta H\]is negative

    C) \[\Delta H\]is negative

    D) \[\Delta H=\]zero

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  • question_answer175) Acetonitriles on hydrolysis produce which of the following?

    A) Amide

    B) Acid

    C) Amines

    D) Carbonyl compounds

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  • question_answer176) The radius of hydrogen atom is\[0.53\,\,\overset{o}{\mathop{A}}\,\]. The radius of \[_{3}L{{i}^{+2}}\] is of:

    A) \[1.27\,\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

    B) \[0.17\,\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

    C) \[0.57\,\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

    D) \[0.99\,\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

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  • question_answer177) The purest form of coal is:

    A) peat

    B) anthracite

    C) bituminous

    D) lignite

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  • question_answer178) The correct sequence of hybridisation of methane, ethene and acetylene is:

    A) \[sp,\,\,s{{p}^{2}},\,\,s{{p}^{3}}\]

    B) \[s{{p}^{2}},\,\,s{{p}^{3}},\,\,sp\]

    C) \[s{{p}^{3}},\,\,s{{p}^{2}},\,\,sp\]

    D) \[s{{p}^{3}},\,\,sp,\,\,s{{p}^{2}}\]

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  • question_answer179) Which phosphorus reacts with \[KOH\] solution to produce phosphene gas?

    A) White phosphorus

    B) Red phosphorus

    C) Both (a) and (b)

    D) None of the above

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  • question_answer180) Sturated fatty acids are represented by which of the formula?

    A) \[{{C}_{n}}{{H}_{n}}{{O}_{2}}\]

    B) \[{{C}_{n}}{{H}_{3n}}{{O}_{2}}\]

    C) \[{{C}_{n}}{{H}_{2n+1}}\]

    D) \[{{C}_{n}}{{H}_{2n}}{{O}_{2}}\]

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  • question_answer181) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}N{{H}_{2}}\xrightarrow{Sm/HCl}{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}X\] is identified as:

    A) \[NO\]

    B) \[-N{{H}_{2}}\]

    C) \[NHOH\]

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer182) Acetic acid and\[{{P}_{2}}{{O}_{5}}\], reacts to produce which of the following?

    A) Acetic anhydride

    B) Acetaldehyde

    C) Phosphoric acid

    D) Acetone

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  • question_answer183) The test for unsaturation is confirmed by the decolonization of which of the following?

    A) Iodine water

    B) \[CuS{{O}_{4}}\] solution

    C) Bromine water

    D) All of these

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  • question_answer184) Which of the following element shows maximum valency?

    A) Carbon

    B) Barium

    C) Nitrogen

    D) Sulphur

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  • question_answer185) The volume of oxygen necessary for the complete combusion of \[20\,\,litre\] of propane is:

    A) \[40\,\,litre\]

    B) \[60\,\,litre\]

    C) \[80\,\,litre\]

    D) \[100\,\,litre\]

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  • question_answer186) Which reaction is used for the preparation of acetophenone?

    A) Reimer-Tiemann reaction

    B) Wurtz-Fittig reaction

    C) Friedel Crafts reaction

    D) Cannizzaros reaction

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  • question_answer187) \[0.005\,\,M\]acid solution has\[5pH\]. The percentage ionization of acid is:

    A) \[0.8%\]

    B) \[0.6%\]

    C) \[0.4%\]

    D) \[0.2%\]

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  • question_answer188) \[PVC\]polymer can be prepared which of the monomer?

    A) \[C{{H}_{3}}CH=C{{H}_{2}}\]

    B) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}CH=C{{H}_{2}}\]

    C) \[C{{H}_{2}}=C{{H}_{2}}\]

    D) \[C{{H}_{2}}=CH-Cl\]

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  • question_answer189) \[C{{H}_{3}}COOH\]is weaker acid than\[{{H}_{2}}S{{O}_{4}}\]. It is due to

    A) more ionization

    B) less ionization

    C) covalent bond

    D) electrovalent bond

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  • question_answer190) The ortho and para hydrogen differ in respect of which of the following?

    A) In the molecular weight

    B) In the nature of spin of protons

    C) In the nature of spin of electrons

    D) In the number of protons

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  • question_answer191) Which of the following is correct according to adsorption isotherm?

    A) \[\frac{X}{m}\propto {{P}^{o}}\]

    B) \[\frac{X}{m}\propto P\]

    C) \[\frac{X}{m}\propto \frac{1}{{{p}^{1/n}}}\] all of these


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  • question_answer192) \[_{84}R{{n}^{219}}\] is a member of actinium series. The other member of this series is:

    A) \[_{89}A{{c}^{225}}\]

    B) \[^{90}T{{h}^{232}}\]

    C) \[_{15}{{P}^{35}}\]

    D) \[_{92}{{U}^{235}}\]

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  • question_answer193) The compressibility factor of an ideal gas is:

    A) 1

    B) 2

    C) 4

    D) 0

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  • question_answer194) Soaps can be classified as:

    A) carbohydrates

    B) ether

    C) salts of fatty acids

    D) None of the above

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  • question_answer195) In a chemical reaction two reactants takes part. The rate of reaction is directly proportional to the concentration of one of them and inversely proportional to the concentration of the other. The order of reaction is:

    A) \[zero\]

    B) \[1\]

    C) \[2\]

    D) \[4\]

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  • question_answer196) A gaseous mixture contains \[56\,\,g\] of \[{{N}_{2}}44\,\,g\] of \[C{{O}_{2}}\] and \[16\,\,g\] of\[C{{H}_{4}}\]. The total pressure of mixture is \[720\,\,mm\] of\[Hg\]. The partial pressure of methane is:

    A) \[75\,\,atm\]

    B) \[160\,\,atm\]

    C) \[180\,\,atm\]

    D) \[215\,\,atm\]

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  • question_answer197) The metal used to recover copper from a solution of \[CuS{{O}_{4}}\] is:

    A) \[Fe\]

    B) \[Hg\]

    C) \[Na\]

    D) \[Ag\]

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  • question_answer198) Amino acids have poptide linkage which is:

    A) \[-CO-NH-\]

    B) \[-C-N{{H}_{2}}\]

    C) \[SO-NH-\]

    D) \[-CO-N-\]

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  • question_answer199) Phenacetin is used as:

    A) antipyretics

    B) antiseptics

    C) analgesic

    D) antimalarials

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  • question_answer200) Gravity separation process is used for the concentration of:

    A) calm-nine

    B) haematite

    C) chalcopyrite

    D) bauxite

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  • question_answer201) Structural unit of human kidney is :

    A) nephron

    B) ureter

    C) loop of Henie

    D) Bowmans capsule

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  • question_answer202) Heart of elephant is:

    A) aeurogonic

    B) myogenic

    C) both (a) and (b)

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer203) Citliated epithelium is present in:

    A) trachea

    B) ureter

    C) intestine

    D) nasal chamber

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  • question_answer204) Deltoid ridge is present in:

    A) hurnerus

    B) tibia-fibula

    C) radio-ulna

    D) femur

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  • question_answer205) One haemoglobin carries how many molecules of \[{{O}_{2}}\]?

    A) 4

    B) 2

    C) 6

    D) 8

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  • question_answer206) In which era life was absent:

    A) Archeozoic

    B) Paleozoic

    C) Proterzoic

    D) Azoic

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  • question_answer207) Function of mitochondria is:

    A) excretion

    B) respiration

    C) digestion

    D) excretion and respiration

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  • question_answer208) Pulp cavity of teeth is lined by:

    A) odontoblast

    B) chondroblast

    C) osteoblast

    D) amyloblast

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  • question_answer209) Secretion of gastric juice is controlled by :

    A) gastrin

    B) cholecystokinin

    C) enterogastrin

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer210) Meissner corpuscles are responsible for:

    A) heat and present in skin

    B) cold and present in skill

    C) pressure and present in skin

    D) pain and present in skin

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  • question_answer211) Pelivic girdle of rabbit consists of :

    A) ilium, ischium and pubis

    B) ilium, ischium and coracoid

    C) coracoid, scapula and clavicle

    D) ilium, coracoid and scapula

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  • question_answer212) Acoustic spots in frog are present in :

    A) ossious labyrinth

    B) carotid

    C) membranous labyrinth

    D) all of these

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  • question_answer213) Difference between bone and cartilage is :

    A) Haversian canal

    B) blood vessel

    C) lymph vessel

    D) all of these

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  • question_answer214) Separation of amino acid and carboxylic groups is called :

    A) deamination

    B) excretion

    C) egestion

    D) transamination

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  • question_answer215) Net gain of ATP in prokaryotes from a molecule of glucose when oxidized is :

    A) 40

    B) 38

    C) 36

    D) 34

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  • question_answer216) Mouth part of mosquito is :

    A) sucking and piercing type

    B) sponging type

    C) biting and chewing type

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer217) Which of the following is bot a source of vitamin A?

    A) Carrot

    B) Mango

    C) Apple

    D) Yeast

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  • question_answer218) Parathormone is secreted during :

    A) increased blood calcium level

    B) decreased blood calcium level

    C) increased blood sugar level

    D) decreased blood sugar level

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  • question_answer219) Which of the following is purely motor cranial nerve?

    A) Olfactory

    B) Optic

    C) Abducens

    D) Vagus

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  • question_answer220) Minimum regeneration power is present in :

    A) nervous tissue

    B) connective tissue

    C) epithelial tissue

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer221) Largest smooth muscle is present in :

    A) leg

    B) thigh

    C) uterus of pregnant woman

    D) urethra

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  • question_answer222) Respiratory centre is present in :

    A) cerebellum

    B) cerebrum

    C) medulla obtongata

    D) hypothalamus

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  • question_answer223) Absorption of \[{{H}_{2}}O\] in DCT is controlled by:

    A) ADH

    B) ACTH

    C) LH

    D) oxytocin

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  • question_answer224) Alary muscle is associated with :

    A) heart and circulation

    B) malpighian tubules and excretion

    C) trachea and respiration

    D) none of the above

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  • question_answer225) Organ of mastication in cockroach is :

    A) labrum

    B) labium

    C) mandibles

    D) maxilla

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  • question_answer226) Which of the following is an insect?

    A) Moth

    B) Mites

    C) Prawn

    D) Scorpion

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  • question_answer227) Complete metamorphosis is found in :

    A) house-fly and mosquito

    B) house-fly and cockroach

    C) mosquito and cockroach

    D) none of the above

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  • question_answer228) Forest of nephridia are present in :

    A) pharyngeal region

    B) clitellar region

    C) anal region

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer229) Common feature in earthworm and cockroach is:

    A) cuticle (exoskeleton)

    B) solid and ventral nerve cord

    C) nephridia

    D) Malpighian tubules

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  • question_answer230) In Ascaris, 3rd moulting takes place in :

    A) intestine

    B) lung

    C) liver

    D) egg

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  • question_answer231) Pseudocoelom is the characteristic of:

    A) annelida

    B) Echinodermata

    C) mollusca

    D) nematode

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  • question_answer232) In Hydra and present:

    A) one testes and one ovary

    B) one testes and-many ovary

    C) many testes and many ovary

    D) many testes and one ovary

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  • question_answer233) Wisdom teeth in human is :

    A) \[{{\text{3}}^{\text{rd}}}\] molar and 4 in number

    B) \[{{\text{3}}^{\text{rd}}}\]molar and 2 in number

    C) \[{{2}^{\text{rd}}}\] molar and 2 in number

    D) \[{{2}^{\text{rd}}}\] molar and 2 in number

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  • question_answer234) Recapitulation theory was proposed by :

    A) E. Haeckel

    B) Mendel

    C) Hugo does Vries

    D) Von Baer

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  • question_answer235) Down syndrome in due to :

    A) chromosome no. increase in 21st pair autosome

    B) chromosome no. decrease in 21st pair autosome

    C) chromosome no. increase in 18th pair autosome

    D) chromosome no. decrease in 18th pair autosome

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  • question_answer236) Pseudocoelom developed from :

    A) embryonic mesoderm

    B) archenteron

    C) blastocoel

    D) blaslopore lip

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  • question_answer237) Larva of Sycon is :

    A) parenchymula

    B) amphiblastula

    C) redia

    D) trochophore

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  • question_answer238) Choanocyte is the characteristic feature of:

    A) sponges

    B) nrthropods

    C) annelida

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer239) Kala-azar is caused by;

    A) Trypanosoma cruzi

    B) Leishmaniti donovani

    C) Trypanosoma brucei

    D) Trypanosoma gambiense

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  • question_answer240) Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?

    A) Aedes - plague

    B) Anopheles - malaria

    C) House fly - yellow fever

    D) Body louse - typhoid

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  • question_answer241) First evidence of ceremonial burial of dead body and belief in religion have been found with fossil of:

    A) Neanderthal

    B) Cro-magnon

    C) Homo-erectus

    D) Homo habilis

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  • question_answer242) Barr body is associated with :

    A) sex chromosome of female

    B) sex chromosome of male

    C) autosome of female

    D) autosome of male

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  • question_answer243) Darwins Book Origin of New Species by Natural Selection was published in :

    A) 1809

    B) 1859

    C) 1957

    D) 1869

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  • question_answer244) All stages of Plasmodium get digested in stomach of female Anopheles except:

    A) sporozoite

    B) gamctocyle

    C) erythrocyte

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer245) Which one of the following couple were suggested by Doctors to not have more than one child?

    A) \[R{{h}^{+}}\] male and \[R{{h}^{-}}\] female

    B) \[R{{h}^{-}}\] male and \[R{{h}^{+}}\] female

    C) \[R{{h}^{+}}\] male and \[R{{h}^{-}}\] female

    D) \[R{{h}^{-}}\] male and \[R{{h}^{-}}\] female

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  • question_answer246) Colour blindness is due to :

    A) recessive female chromosome

    B) dominant female chromosome

    C) recessive male chromosome

    D) dominant male chromosome

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  • question_answer247) According to one of the most accepted theory, the earth atmosphere before any life had originated consisted of \[{{H}_{2}}O,\,{{H}_{2}},\,N{{H}_{2}}\] and :

    A) \[C{{H}_{4}}\]

    B) \[{{O}_{2}}\]

    C) \[{{N}_{2}}\]

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer248) Abiogenesis is the :

    A) origin of life from non-living organism

    B) origin of life from living organism

    C) origin of viruses and microbes

    D) spontaneous generation

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  • question_answer249) Alleles are:

    A) alternate forms of a gene

    B) homologous chromosome

    C) pair of sex chromosome

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer250) Genetic recombination is due to :

    A) fertilization and meiosis

    B) mitosia and meiosis

    C) fertilization and mitosis

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer251) Pyramid of energy is always :

    A) upright

    B) downward

    C) upright in pond and downward in forest

    D) upright in forest and downward in pond

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  • question_answer252) Peacock eats a snake and snake eats frog and frog eats insect while insect eats green plant, then position of peacock is :

    A) primary producer

    B) secondary producer

    C) decomposer

    D) top at the apex of food pyramid

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  • question_answer253) Source of energy in an ecosystem is :

    A) sun

    B) ATP

    C) sugar made by plant

    D) green plant

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  • question_answer254) Effect of pollution is first marked on :

    A) micro-organisms

    B) green vegetation of an area

    C) food crop

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer255) Legume plants are important for atmosphere because they :

    A) help in \[N{{O}_{2}}\] fixation

    B) do not help in \[N{{O}_{2}}\] fixation

    C) increase soil fertility

    D) all of these

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  • question_answer256) Pollution is not caused by :

    A) thermal power plant

    B) aulomobile

    C) radioactive power plant

    D) hydroelectric power plant

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  • question_answer257) endosperm of angiospermic plant is :

    A) triploid

    B) dipioid

    C) haploid

    D) tetraploid

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  • question_answer258) Taj Mahal marble is affected by:

    A) \[S{{O}_{2}}\]

    B) \[{{O}_{2}}\]

    C) \[{{O}_{3}}\]

    D) \[N{{O}_{2}}\]

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  • question_answer259) Sub-divisions in cell cycle are :

    A) \[S,\,{{G}_{2}},\,M\] and \[{{G}_{1}}\]

    B) \[{{G}_{1}},\,{{G}_{2}}\] and M

    C) \[S,\,M,\,{{G}_{1}}\] and \[{{G}_{2}}\]

    D) \[{{G}_{2}},\,{{G}_{1}},\,M\] and S

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  • question_answer260) Minimata disease first occured in :

    A) Japan

    B) China

    C) Korea

    D) Russia

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  • question_answer261) Sexual reproduction leads to :

    A) genetic recombination

    B) polypoidy

    C) aneuploidy

    D) euploidy

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  • question_answer262) 5th June is celebrated as :

    A) World forest day

    B) World environment day

    C) World Red Cross day

    D) World food day

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  • question_answer263) Which of the following soil is transported by air?

    A) Alluvial

    B) Aerial

    C) Eolian

    D) Glacial

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  • question_answer264) Plants growing in dry and saline soil are called :

    A) xerophyte

    B) hydrophyte

    C) halophyte

    D) heliophyte

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  • question_answer265) Which one of the following is well-developed present in hydropyte?

    A) Aerenchyma

    B) Collenchyma

    C) Stomata

    D) Root system

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  • question_answer266) Tropical dense forests are due to :

    A) low rainfall and low temperature

    B) high rainfall and low temperature

    C) low rainfall and high temperature

    D) high rainfall and high temperature

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  • question_answer267) Aquatic photo diffraction is :

    A) euphotic, disphotic and aphotic

    B) aphotic, euphotic and disphotic

    C) euphotic, aphotic and disphotic

    D) euphotic, disphotic and aphotic

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  • question_answer268) Community is:

    A) a group of independent and interacting population of different species

    B) a group of independent and interacting population of same species

    C) a group of independent and interacting population of same species in a specific area

    D) a group of independent and interacting population of different species in a specific area

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  • question_answer269) Terracing is done in :

    A) desert areas

    B) hilly areas

    C) dry areas

    D) plain areas

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  • question_answer270) Term ecosystem was given by :

    A) Odum

    B) Koestler

    C) Tansley

    D) Mobius and Forbes

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  • question_answer271) Step of respiration arc controlled by :

    A) substrates

    B) enzymes

    C) hormone

    D) bile juice

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  • question_answer272) Opening of flower is an example of:

    A) spontaneous movement

    B) hyponastic movement

    C) epinastic movement

    D) cleistogamous movement

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  • question_answer273) Removal of ring wood of tissue outside the vascular cambium from the tree trunk kills it because :

    A) water cannot move up

    B) food does not travel down and root become starved

    C) shoot become starved

    D) annual ring and not produced

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  • question_answer274) Law of Mendel which is not completely applicable is?

    A) Co-dominance

    B) Law of segregation

    C) Law of independent assortment

    D) Law of dominance

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  • question_answer275) Prokaryotic genetic system his :

    A) DNA and histone

    B) DNA and no histone

    C) no DNA and histone

    D) no DNA and no histone

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  • question_answer276) Study of environment and animal relation is :

    A) ecosystem

    B) phytosociology

    C) biotic community

    D) ecology

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  • question_answer277) A root was described as it adventitious root because:

    A) arose from plumule

    B) was used variously for storage of food

    C) was swollen

    D) was growing in marshy place

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  • question_answer278) Cycas revoluta is popularly known as :

    A) data palm

    B) sago palm

    C) sea palm

    D) royal palm

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  • question_answer279) Circinate vernation is present in :

    A) moss

    B) fern

    C) algae

    D) gymnosperm

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  • question_answer280) Wilting of plant is because:

    A) xylem is blocked

    B) phloem is blocked

    C) epidermis and few roots are removed

    D) pith is removed

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  • question_answer281) Auxanometer is used to detect:

    A) respiration

    B) transpiration

    C) plant movement

    D) growth

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  • question_answer282) Smallest plant which contain green pigment such as higher green plant is :

    A) schizomycetes

    B) rhodophyceae

    C) chlorophyceae

    D) phaeophyceae

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  • question_answer283) Term basal body is associated with the development of:

    A) cilia and flagella

    B) cell plate

    C) phragmoplast

    D) kinetochore

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  • question_answer284) Golgi body originates from :

    A) lysosome

    B) endoplasmic reticulum

    C) mitochondria

    D) cell membrane

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  • question_answer285) Lipid molecules in plasma membrane are arranged in which manner?

    A) scattered

    B) series

    C) alternate

    D) head parallel

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  • question_answer286) Structure of nuclear membrane helps in :

    A) organization of the spindle

    B) synapsis of homologous chromosome

    C) nucleo-cytoplasmic exchange of material

    D) anaphasic sepration of daughter chromosome

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  • question_answer287) Quantasomes are found in :

    A) mitochondria

    B) chloroplast

    C) lysosome

    D) endoplasmic retiuculum

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  • question_answer288) Hydrolytic enzymes are stored in :

    A) Golgi bodies

    B) Lysosumes

    C) Endoplasmic reticulum

    D) Mitochondria

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  • question_answer289) Micronutrients are :

    A) an important as macro nutrient but are required in small amount

    B) less important than macro nutrient

    C) called micro as they play only a minor role in plant nutrition

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer290) Quiescent centre is present in :

    A) shoot apex

    B) root apex

    C) both a and b

    D) meristematic tissue

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  • question_answer291) Chlamydomonas occurs in:

    A) fresh water

    B) ponds and lake

    C) river

    D) ocean

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  • question_answer292) Ainsworths put Rhizopus in :

    A) zygomycotina

    B) mastigomycotina

    C) myxomycotina

    D) ascomycotina

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  • question_answer293) Root hair absorb water from the soil on account of:

    A) turgor pressure

    B) osmotic pressure

    C) suction pressure

    D) root pressure

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  • question_answer294) Smallest bacteria is :

    A) Spirillum

    B) Bacillus

    C) Dialister

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer295) During photosynthesis :

    A) \[{{O}_{2}}\] evolved comes from \[C{{O}_{2}}\]

    B) ATP is formed

    C) ATP is not formed

    D) water is required as medium but it does not take part in photosynthesis

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  • question_answer296) Mosses occurs in moist place because :

    A) they cannot grow on land

    B) their gamete fuse in water

    C) they lack vascular tissue

    D) they lack root and stomata

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  • question_answer297) Cuticle is secreted by :

    A) epidermis

    B) endodermis

    C) both (a) and (b)

    D) hypodermis

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  • question_answer298) Ribosome may also be called :

    A) Microsome

    B) Dictyosome

    C) Ribonucleo protein

    D) Oxysomes

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  • question_answer299) Plasmids occur in:

    A) Viruses

    B) Chromosomes

    C) Bacteria

    D) Chloroplasts

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  • question_answer300) A place was rocky and barren but now there is a green forest; the sequence of origin is:

    A) lichen, moss, herbs, shrubs

    B) moss, lichen, herbs, shrubs

    C) lichen, moss, shrubs, herbs

    D) shrubs, herbs, moss, lichen

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