Archives April 2001

If state-run educational institutions I across India hove become a tragic travesty, many privately-owned teaching shops mushroomed to fill the lacunae of learning ore no better. In fact, the latter exploit more by charging exorbitant fees. Badly shaken by the ever Increasing criticism of tutorial Institutes as schools for scandal, the Maharashtra Govt. is trying to regularise the coaching institutes run in overcrowded cubicles or cramped classrooms. In the past these hove been embroiled in countless controversies about leaked papers, rigged examinations and misleading publicity. A recent rule that college teachers cannot simultaneously be attached to colleges and coaching institutes has flopped due  to lack of implementation. Those caught playing a double role decided to leave the cash-starved colleges for the ignoble but more lucrative option. The recent ordinance that insists that coaching institutes register themselves, also enforces 19 conditions including a strict fee structure. This has made coaching class more...


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