Archives July 2007

The percentage of students who take up the science stream is very small compared to the population and the need of our country. The field of options available for the students who try for medical groups are as good as any of the physical science stream. The range is from geochemistry to biochemistry, textile chemistry to pharmaceuticals. Whatever the field, one has to be prepared for a long trek to be a specialist in any field. A specialist is a research scientist who never assumes any result without experimentation. Innovation in the methods of analysis is also important. Artificial colours and pesticides in vegetables and fruits can be easily found out by paper chromatography just as petroleum products are studied. Science has to percolate to the common man. One studies the fastness of the colour of polyester fabrics as well as other dress materials. We feel the effect of radiation more...

When all of us are feeling that the person who got the first rank in AIIMS entrance exam must be in the 7th heaven, jumping with joy, we got a little jolt. The boy who got the first rank in AIIMS entrance and the 1636 rank in JEE (IIT), has already preferred to join civil engineering in IIT Delhi. This is not an isolated incident. If Savinay Kapoor got the first rank in AIIMS Entrance Exam, Satwik Dudeja got the only seat reserved for handicapped children in medical but Satwik chose to join IIT Delhi. He could get electrical engineering. If this is a question of pure taste, it is understandable. But the reason mooted by Savinay was that in order to specialise in medicine it takes much longer. True. Whatever may be the reason, the fact remains that many students prepare for both, some go for medical stream, and more...


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