Archives April 2009

Since ancient times many medicines are extracted from deadly poisons. Cobra venom, night shade, belladona, cocaine and mercury are only some of them. One has only to see the pharmacopoeia of ayurveda, homeopathy and allopathy to have an idea of the exotic sources of the medicines. The insulin making DNA is spliced into a common one celled bacterium E.coli, which is normally the culprit and causes severe problems in the stomach- The bacterium combined with DNA produces insulin in huge vats and is harvested in plenty. Antibiotics are obtained from fungi which also act as poison. In Indian system as the medicines are tested for generations, their effects and antidotes are well known. To avoid reaction, right from food  to sleep all activities are strictly controlled when treatment is given. This is so in all traditional systems. In allopathy, there is a constant research to discover new medicines. This research more...


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