Advantages and Disadvantages of Cinema

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Introduction. Modern age is the age of science. It has given birth to cinema. Cinema has become an important part of modern life. Everyone likes to enjoy a picture. The cinema hall has the thickest rush.

Cinema is a combination of arts. Cinema is a combination of so many artists. The story writer writes the story. The singer sings the songs. The musician gives the music. The actors and actresses play their role. The director gives direction. The photographer shoots the film.

Advantages of cinema. Some of the chief advantages of cinema are as under:-

(1) Means of recreation. Cinema is a cheap means of recreation. People go to cinema to relax themselves for a few hours. They forget troubles of life in the cinema hall.

(2) Means of education.   Cinema is a practical teacher. Everything can be taught in a normal way. Learning by seeing is easier than learning by reading. Cinema gives moral lessons through films.

(3) Means of publicity and propaganda. Cinema is an important means of publicity and propaganda. The Government can use it easily to remove some social evils, like untouchability, child marriage, and dowry system etc. The news reels serve this purpose.

(4) A picture of ancient culture. Historical pictures show us how people lived in ancient times. Their ways of fighting, old palaces, forts, buildings, sculptures are shown to us. We come to know the social life of the old people.

(5) Means of teaching religious teachings. The religious pictures place before us the ancient cultural and civilization. They try to show the high ideals of the past.

(6) Means of eradicating social evils. The picture with social themes helps in the removal of social evils. The pictures have tried to throw light on the evils of child marriage, un touch ability and un-equal matches. Some pictures live shown evils of fashion and drinking.

Disadvantages of cinema. Cinema has some disadvantages also. They are:-

(1) R spoils the character. Generally criminal and sexual pictures bring more money to the producers. Hence they produce them. Obscene posters may be seen on cross-roads and walls along the road. This practice spoils the character.

(2) Injurious for health. Three hours silting in suffocating cinema hall is injurious for health.

(3) Increase in crimes. In so many films different methods of committing crimes arc shown. The young boys learn these practices and do them practically.

(4) Wicked atmosphere. The atmosphere of cinema hall is full of noise, confusion, black-marketing and dirty songs. The attractive living of the heroes and heroines attract the college girls and boys- They indulge in all bad practices.

Conclusion. Thus we have seen the bright and dark sides of cinema.


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