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Like previous years this year too lot of exam dotes ore dashing. Some of the national level exams are clashing with national or state level exams which o student sits for. As on dote the following exam dates are clashing :-

AFMC                          --         4th May

West Bengal JEE          --        3rd &, 4th May


AIIMS                         --      1st June

CMC Ludhiana             --      1st June


BHU                           --      18th May

Delhi PMT                   --       18th May


MGIMS Wardha           --       11th  May

D.Y.Patil Vidyapeeth    --       11th  May


Every PMT student sits for multiple exams both for national level exams like CBSE, AIIMS, BHU, AFMC etc. and also for state level exams like WBJEE, Delhi PMT, MP PMT etc. where he is domiciled. On an average a PMT aspirant sits for minimum 2 pre medical tests. This he does to maximize his chances, of getting through at least one of the PMT's.

Every PMT aspirant sits for CBSE PMT as it is the only notional level exam having maximum number of medical college; (approx. 90) under it and thereby having the maximum number of seats (2000+ for medical and dental). No other exam offers so many seats. AIIMS in comparison offers only 36 seats for general merit. AFMC is better off by offering 130 seats but signing a service bond dissuades lot of students from writing this exam. If the clash persists the most important task for the student is to decide which exam to sit for. An easy enters is to go for exam which is more reputed (MGIMS as compared to D.Y.Patil) and offers more chances of getting through i.e., has more seats (as in. AIIM5 Vs. CMC) or is easier (as in DPMT Vs. BHU).

Coming back to clashing of exam doles - with so many PMT exams to be conducted and that also on a suitable day (preferably Sunday) clashing is inevitable. Also lack of consensus among the examination bodies (as each of them work in Isolation) also encourages such a situation.

Whatever it may be, its a loss to both student and institution more so to the student because he is losing the chance  competing and getting into an institute; less to the institute as they may lose a deserving meritorious student. In the end, o humble request can be made to the various examination bodies so that they

 •   reschedule their dates so that no student feels left out, and

 •   reach consensus among themselves so that clashing of doles is prevented in the future.


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