Hats off to Indian Doctors

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Of late, often we read in our dailies, as a routine, our doctors have saved the lives of persons whose complicated problems were not treated elsewhere.

We are particularly happy that a large percentage of foreigners who come to India for treatment are from the middle east. The reason for our happiness is simple. When they had the option to go lo the biggest hospitals in the West they chose to come here. Money is not a constraint for them. They can afford to go to any hospital. But the trust in our doctors' ability, the reputation of our doctors and the treatment they get in hospitals are the reasons for this.

Our doctors do not mind any marathon operation lasting many hours. Their dedication to their job is amazing.

Now they have been able to perform successfully a brain stem implant to cure a child born deaf. A damaged or absent cochlea compiled with the absence of the auditory nerve made it impossible to cure this child in the normal way. They have performed a subcutaneous implantation of a receiver simulator behind the ear.

The more difficult part is to drill a hole in the skull to place an electrode array in the brain stem. The stimulator has to be now connected to the electrode. Testing has to be done when the hole in the skull is still open. A smallest mistake can make the person paralytic.

When we learn that our hospitals and doctors are even better than others we feet proud of them. Here is an example (one of the many) of the ability of our medical profession. Unfortunately the jasmine in our courtyard will not smell as sweet as that in our neighbours' yard.

I am sure that our students are determined to recognize that the jasmine in our courtyard is sweeter and play their part to see that it continues to be so.

Do interact with foreign professors and hospitals only as a continuous process of always remaining at the top by learning from all over the world.


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