UGC can solve the problem - Empower them

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Whether it is chemistry, physics or any branch of study, the story is the same. Less people are interested in basic research which is the backbone of technology. In addition to this problem, a few brilliant students who choose the subjects like food chemistry and biochemistry make to the Indian MNC's as a stop-over to take off to the developed countries. But these problems are common even to engineering and medical students.

Further, the disease of the falling standards in education is the biggest problem today.

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council, whose ex- officio president, the UGC Chairperson is also the president of the council, is doing enormous work by defining what is good education, assessing the institutions to A++A+, A etc., down to C-. The better colleges do get an encouragement by this and become better. Unless it is mandatory to obtain good ranks to maintain their recognition and it is known to all, that colleges who do not improve in two years automatically lose recognition, UGC will not be taken seriously.

Periodic camps for the teachers during every vacation by rotation and repeatedly to help them know the basic of their subjects and the art of putting things to make others understand faster, in fact the very art of teaching in the field, all this can be taken up only by UGC.

 We have institutions who can do this. They have to be revamped. UGC must be given all powers and the support of every education ministry to perform their job. At present what is the total strength of UGC? How many members have got persons at high level with them who can act as flying squads to check the teaching in every university college? They can form local committees with parents and other senior staff from corporate sectors who can also be working under UGC and giving reports straight to them.

We shall continue to hear about these problems unless drastic solutions are given. Our stakes are high. We cannot be losers.


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