Secondary School Level

My Favourite City — Bombay

India is not only rich in villages, but in cities too. There are innumerable cities. Some are very big cities like Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi or Madras. Then there are medium sized cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kanpur, Lucknow, Allahabad and Chandigarh etc. Then again, there are plenty of smaller citiies too. They all have their, special qualities and appeal to different types of people

My own favourite city is Bombay. Prpbably ho other city has so much to offer. When a visitor goes there he finds that Bombay is almost surrounded by the sea. There are deep harbours and wonderful beaches like the Juhu Beach, Versova, Chowpati beach. People gather here for swimming or just walking and having picnics. The evenings are like fairs here with Bhel-puri and ice-cream and Nariyal-pani and pony rides and film-unite busy shooting on these beaches.

The Gateway of India, a huge stone monument facing the sea and having the famous TajMahal Hotel as a backdrop, is another very important and popular place for visitors. Nearby are the docks where the ocean-going ships come for loading and unloading. A short distance away on the other side is the famous Marine Drive and the Queen's Necklace which looks beautiful in the day and absolutely magical in the night.

The famous Hanging garden on the high hill with is topiary and the breath-taking view of the Chowpaty beach and Marine drive in the distance, the Parsee Tower of Silence', Nehru Centre with its Planetarium, Mahalaxmi race-course, Taraporewala Aquarium, the Zoo, the Museum at Kala Ghora, the Elephanta caves, are some of the important places to see. Not only this, there are fabulous markets like Crawford Market, Fort

Market, Dadar market, Linking Road Market etc. Also, some of the finest educational institutions of the country are situated here in Bombay. The city also boasts of innumerable famous hotels and fabulous eating places.

The magic world of cinema with its galaxy. of famous stars, producers, directors, music directors, writers, its studios and shootings is also situated here. The local electric trains, both W.R. and C.R. stopping at stations every two kilometers offer wonderful joyrides. The innumerable buses, the disciplined crowd and the fast life make Bombay a fantastic city. Its climate, neither hot nor cold, makes it still more desirable. Yes, my favourite city is Bombay.


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