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done BVP Medical Solved Paper-2006

  • question_answer1) Kirchhoffs first law, \[i.,e.,\Sigma i=0\] at a junction, deals with the conservation of:

    A) angular momentum

    B) linear momentum

    C) energy

    D) charge

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  • question_answer2) The current in the following circuit is :

    A) 1 A

    B) \[\frac{2}{3}A\]

    C) \[\frac{2}{9}A\]

    D) \[\frac{1}{8}A\]

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  • question_answer3) There are three copper wires of length and cross-sectional area (L, A), (2L, (1/2) A), ((1/2) L, 2A). In which case is the resistance minimum?

    A) It is the same in all three cases

    B) Wire of cross-sectional area 2 A

    C) Wire of cross-sectional area A

    D) Wire of cross-sectional area \[\frac{1}{2}A\]

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  • question_answer4) A 100 W-200 V bulb is connected to a 160 V power supply. The power consumption would be :

    A) 125 W

    B) 100 W

    C) 80 W

    D) 64 W

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  • question_answer5) Two parallel wires in free space arc 10 cm apart, and each carries a current of 10A, in the same direction. The force, one wire exerts on the other, per metre of length, is :

    A) \[2\times {{10}^{-7}}N,\]repulsive

    B) \[2\times {{10}^{-7}}N,\]attractive

    C) \[2\times {{10}^{-4}}N,\]repulsive

    D) \[2\times {{10}^{-4}}N,\]attractive

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  • question_answer6) A straight wire of diameter 0.5 mm carrying a current of 1A is replaced by another wire of 1 mm diameter carrying the same current. The strength of magnetic field far away is :

    A) unchanged

    B) quarter of its earlier value

    C) half of the earlier value

    D) twice the earlier value

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  • question_answer7) A positively charged particle moving due east enters a region of uniform magnetic field directed vertically upwards. The particle will :

    A) continue to move due east

    B) move in a circular orbit with its speed unchanged

    C) move in a circular orbit with its speed increased

    D) gets deflected vertically upwards

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  • question_answer8) In an AC circuit with voltage V and current I the power dissipated is :

    A) depends on the phase between V and I

    B) \[\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}VI\]

    C) \[\frac{1}{2}VI\]

    D) VI

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  • question_answer9) The primary winding of transformer has 500 turns whereas its secondary has 5000 turns. The primary is connected to an AC supply of 20 V-50 Hz. The secondary will have an output of:

    A) 2 V, 5 Hz

    B) 200 V, 500 Hz

    C) 2V, 50 Hz

    D) 200 V, 50 Hz

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  • question_answer10) Due to the ends magnetic field, charged cosmic ray particles :

    A) can never reach the poles

    B) can never reach the equator

    C) require less kinetic energy to reach the equator than the poles

    D) require greater kinetic energy to reach the equator, than the poles

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  • question_answer11) If \[{{\varepsilon }_{0}}\]and \[{{\mu }_{0}}\] are respectively the electric permittivity and magnetic permeability of free space, \[\varepsilon \]and\[\mu \] are the corresponding quantities in a medium, the index of refraction of the medium is :

    A) \[\sqrt{\frac{{{\varepsilon }_{0}}{{\mu }_{0}}}{\varepsilon \mu }}\]

    B) \[\sqrt{\frac{\varepsilon \mu }{{{\varepsilon }_{0}}{{\mu }_{0}}}}\]

    C) \[\sqrt{\frac{{{\varepsilon }_{0}}\mu }{\varepsilon {{\mu }_{0}}}}\]

    D) \[\sqrt{\frac{\varepsilon }{{{\varepsilon }_{0}}}}\]

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  • question_answer12) The kinetic energy of an accelerated through a potential of 100 V is :

    A) \[1.60\times {{10}^{-17}}J\]

    B) \[1.16\times {{10}^{4}}k\]

    C) 418.6 cal

    D) \[6.626\times {{10}^{-34}}Ws\]

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  • question_answer13) The most penetrating radiation out of the following is :

    A) gamma-rays

    B) alpha particles

    C) beta-rays

    D) X-rays

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  • question_answer14) When hydrogen atom is in its first excited level, its radius is :

    A) four times, its ground state radius

    B) twice, its ground state radius

    C) same as its ground state radius

    D) half of its ground state radius

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  • question_answer15) The energy of ground electronic state of hydrogen atom is - 13.6 eV. The energy of the first excited state will be :

    A) - 54.4 eV

    B) -27.2eV

    C) - 6.8 eV

    D) - 3.4 eV

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  • question_answer16) Which of the following is true?

    A) The stopping potential increases with increasing intensity of incident light

    B) The photo current increases with increasing intensity of light

    C) The current in photocell increases with increasing frequency of light

    D) The photo current is proportional to applied voltage

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  • question_answer17) The activity of a radioactive sample is measured as 9750 counts per minute at t = 0 and as 975 counts per minute at T = 5 minutes. The decay constant is approximately:

    A) 0.922 per minute

    B) 0.691 per minute

    C) 0.461 per minute

    D) 0.230 per minute

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  • question_answer18) Which of the following is used as a moderator in nuclear reactors?

    A) Plutonium

    B) Cadmium

    C) Heavy water

    D) Uranium

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  • question_answer19) The stable nucleus that has a radius half that of\[F{{e}^{56}}\] is :

    A) \[L{{i}^{7}}\]

    B) \[N{{a}^{21}}\]

    C) \[{{S}^{16}}\]

    D) \[C{{a}^{40}}\]

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  • question_answer20) A free neutron decays into a proton, an electron and :

    A) a beta particle

    B) an alphaparticle

    C) an antineutrino

    D) a neutrino

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  • question_answer21) In a fission reaction \[_{92}^{236}U{{\to }^{117}}X{{+}^{117}}Y+n+n\]the binding energy per nucleon of X and Y is 8.5 MeV whereas of 236U is 7.6 MeV. The total energy liberated will be about:

    A) 2000 MeV

    B) 200 MeV

    C) 2 MeV

    D) 200 MeV

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  • question_answer22) To obtain a p-type germanium semiconductor, it must be doped with :

    A) phosphorus

    B) indium

    C) antimony

    D) arsenic

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  • question_answer23) The diode used in the circuit shown in the figure has a constant voltage drop of 0.5 V at all currents and a maximum power rating of 100 mill watt. What should be the value of the resistor R, connected in series with the diode, for obtaining maximum current?

    A) 200\[\Omega \]

    B) 6.67 \[\Omega \]

    C) 5\[\Omega \]

    D) 1.5\[\Omega \]

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  • question_answer24) The correct relationship between the two current gains a and p in a transistor is :

    A) \[\beta =\frac{1+\alpha }{\beta }\]

    B) \[\alpha =\frac{\beta }{1+\beta }\]

    C) \[\alpha =\frac{\beta }{1-\beta }\]

    D) \[\beta =\frac{\alpha }{1+\alpha }\]

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  • question_answer25) The following truth table belongs to which of the following four gates?

    A B C
    1 1 0
    1 0 0
    0 1 0
    0 0 1

    A)  NOR                                     

    B)  XOR

    C)  NAND                                 

    D)  OR

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  • question_answer26) The force F on a sphere of radius r moving in a medium with velocity v given by\[F=6\pi \,\eta rv\]. The dimensions of r) are :

    A) \[\left[ M{{L}^{-3}} \right]\]

    B) \[\left[ ML{{T}^{2}} \right]\]

    C) \[\left[ M{{T}^{-1}} \right]\]

    D) \[\left[ M{{L}^{-1}}{{T}^{-1}} \right]\]

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  • question_answer27) Find the torque of a force \[\mathbf{\vec{F}}=-3\mathbf{\hat{i}}+\mathbf{\hat{j}}+5\mathbf{\hat{k}}\]acting at the point \[\vec{r}=-7\mathbf{\hat{i}}+3\mathbf{\hat{j}}+16\mathbf{\hat{k}}\]:

    A) \[-21\mathbf{\hat{i}}+3\mathbf{\hat{j}}+5\mathbf{\hat{k}}\]

    B) \[-14\mathbf{\hat{i}}+3\mathbf{\hat{j}}+16\mathbf{\hat{k}}\]

    C) \[4\mathbf{\hat{i}}+4\mathbf{\hat{j}}+6\mathbf{\hat{k}}\]

    D) \[14\mathbf{\hat{i}}+38\mathbf{\hat{j}}+16\mathbf{\hat{k}}\]

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  • question_answer28) The position x of a particle varies with time t, as\[x=a{{t}^{2}}-d{{t}^{3}}\]. The acceleration of the particle will be zero at time t equal to :

    A) zero

    B) \[\frac{a}{3b}\]

    C) \[\frac{2a}{3b}\]

    D) \[\frac{a}{b}\]

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  • question_answer29) If a car at rest accelerates uniformly to a speed of 144 km/h in 20 s, it covers a distance of :

    A) 2880 m

    B) 1440 m

    C) 400 m

    D) 20 m

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  • question_answer30) A ball, whose kinetic energy is E, is thrown at an angle of \[45{}^\circ \] with the horizontal, its kinetic energy at the highest point of its flight will be :

    A) zero

    B) E/2

    C) \[E/\sqrt{2}\]

    D) E

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  • question_answer31) Two bodies of masses m and 4m are moving with equal kinetic energy. The ratio of their linear momenta is :

    A) 1 : 4

    B) 1 : 2

    C) 1 : 1

    D) 4 : 1

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  • question_answer32) In a carbon monoxide molecule, the carbon and the oxygen atoms are separated by a distance \[1.12\times {{10}^{-10}}m\]. The distance of the centre of mass, from the carbon atom is :

    A) \[o.64\times {{10}^{-10}}m\]

    B) \[o.56\times {{10}^{-10}}m\]

    C) \[o.51\times {{10}^{-10}}m\]

    D) \[o.48\times {{10}^{-10}}m\]

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  • question_answer33) A cart of mass M is tied to one end of a massless rope of length 10 m. The other end of the rope is in the hands of a man of mass M. The entire system is on a smooth horizontal surface. The man is at x = 0 and the cart at x = 10 m. If the man pulls the cart by the rope, the man and the cart will meet at the point :

    A) they will never meet

    B) x = 10 m

    C) x= 5m

    D) x = 0

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  • question_answer34) A metal ball of mass 2 kg moving with a velocity of 36 km/h has a head on collision with a stationary ball of mass 3 kg. If after the collision, the two balls move together, the loss in kinetic energy due to collision is :

    A) 140 J

    B) 100 J

    C) 60 J

    D) 40 J

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  • question_answer35) A couple produces :

    A) no motion

    B) linear and rotational motion

    C) purely rotational motion

    D) purely linear motion

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  • question_answer36) The escape velocity of a body on the surface of the earth is 11.2 km/s. If the earths mass increases to twice its present value and the radius of the earth becomes half, the escape velocity would become :

    A) 44.8 km/s

    B) 22.4 km/s

    C) 11.2 km/s (remain unchanged)

    D) 5.6 km/s

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  • question_answer37) The period of revolution of planet A round the sun is 8 times that of B. The distance of A from the sun is how many times greater than that of B from the sun?

    A) 5

    B) 4

    C) 3

    D) 2

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  • question_answer38) A hollow sphere is filled with water. It is hung by a long thread. As the water flows out of a hole at the bottom, the period of oscillation will:

    A) first increase and then decrease

    B) first decrease and then increase

    C) go on increasing

    D) go on decreasing

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  • question_answer39) Two simple harmonic motions with the same frequency act on a particle at right angles i.e., along x and y axis. If the two amplitudes are equal and the phase difference is \[\pi \]/2, the resultant motion will be :

    A) a circle

    B) an ellipse with the major axis along y-axis

    C) an ellipse with the major axis along x-axis

    D) a straight line inclined at 45? to the x-axis

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  • question_answer40) The equation of a travelling wave is : y = 60 cos (18001 - 6x)where y is in microns, t in second and x in metres. The ratio of maximum particle velocity to velocity of wave propagation is :

    A) 3.6

    B) \[3.6\times {{10}^{-4}}\]

    C) \[3.6\times {{10}^{-6}}\]

    D) \[3.6\times {{10}^{11}}\]

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  • question_answer41) Standing waves are produced in a 10 m long stretched string. If the string vibrates in 5 segments and the wave velocity is 20 m/s, the frequency is :

    A) 10 Hz

    B) 5 Hz

    C) 4 Hz

    D) 2 Hz

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  • question_answer42) A pulse of a wave train travels along a stretched string and reaches the fixed end of the string. It will be reflected back with :

    A) a phase change of 180? with velocity reversed

    B) the same phase as the incident pulse with no reversal of velocity

    C) a phase change of 180? with no reversal of velocity

    D) the same phase as the incident pulse but with velocity reversed

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  • question_answer43) A cylindrical resonance tube open at both ends, has a fundamental frequency\[f\], in air. If half of the length is dipped vertically in water, the fundamental frequency of the air column will be:

    A) \[2f\]

    B) \[3f/2\]

    C) \[f\]

    D) \[f\]/2

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  • question_answer44) A sample of gas expands from volume \[{{\text{V}}_{\text{1}}}\]to \[{{\text{V}}_{\text{2}}}\text{.}\]The amount of work done by the gas is greatest when the expansion is :

    A) adiabatic

    B) isobaric

    C) isothermal

    D) equal in all above cases

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  • question_answer45) A black body is at temperature of 500 K. It emits energy at rate which is proportional to :

    A) \[{{(500)}^{4}}\]

    B) \[{{(500)}^{3}}\]

    C) \[{{(500)}^{2}}\]

    D) 500

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  • question_answer46) The efficiency of a Carnot engine operating between temperatures of 100?C and - 23?C will be :

    A) \[\frac{100-23}{273}\]

    B) \[\frac{100+23}{373}\]

    C) \[\frac{100+23}{100}\]

    D) \[\frac{100-23}{100}\]

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  • question_answer47) The focal lengths of a converging lens measured for violet, green and red colours are \[{{f}_{v\,}},{{f}_{g,}}{{f}_{r}}\]respectively. We will find :

    A) \[{{f}_{g}}>{{f}_{r}}\]

    B) \[{{f}_{v}}<{{f}_{r}}\]

    C) \[{{f}_{v}}>{{f}_{r}}\]

    D) \[{{f}_{v}}={{f}_{r}}\]

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  • question_answer48) An astronomical telescope of ten-fold angular magnification has a length of 44 cm. The focal length of the objective is :

    A) 440 cm

    B) 44 cm

    C) 40 cm

    D) 4 cm

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  • question_answer49) Electromagnetic radiation of frequency n, velocity v and wavelength \[\lambda \], in air, enters a glass slab of refractive index \[\mu \]. The frequency, wavelength and velocity of light in the glass slab will be, respectively:

    A) \[\frac{n}{\mu },\frac{\lambda }{\mu },v\]

    B) \[n,\lambda \frac{v}{\mu }\]

    C) \[n,\frac{\lambda }{\mu },\frac{v}{\mu }\]

    D) \[\frac{n}{\mu },\frac{\lambda }{\mu },\frac{v}{\mu }\]

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  • question_answer50) From the graph between current I and voltage V shown in figure, identify the portion corresponding to negative resistance:

    A) DE

    B) CD

    C) BC

    D) AB

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  • question_answer51) Which sequence correctly describes a relative bond strength of oxygen molecule, super-oxide ion and peroxide ion:

    A) \[{{O}_{2}}>O_{2}^{-}>O_{2}^{2-}\]

    B) \[{{O}_{2}}>O_{2}^{-}<O_{2}^{2-}\]

    C) \[{{O}_{2}}<O_{2}^{-}>O_{2}^{2-}\]

    D) \[{{O}_{2}}<O_{2}^{-}<O_{2}^{2-}\]

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  • question_answer52) 1 mole of \[C{{H}_{4}}\] contains:

    A) 3.0g of carbon

    B) \[1.81\times {{10}^{23}}\] molecules of \[C{{H}_{4}}\]

    C) 4 g atoms of hydrogen

    D) \[6.02\times {{10}^{23}}\] atoms of H

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  • question_answer53) In two H-atoms A and B the electrons move around the nucleus in-circular orbit of radius Y and 4r respectively. The ratio of the times taken by them to complete one revolution is:

    A)  \[1 : 2\]                           

    B)  \[2 : 1\]

    C)  \[1 : 4\]                           

    D)  \[1 : 8\]

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  • question_answer54) The table given below lists the bond dissociation energy \[({{E}_{diss}})\]for single co-valent bonds formed between C and atoms A, B, D, E

    Bond \[({{E}_{diss}})\,(kcal\,-\,mo{{l}^{-1}})\]
    C-A 240
    C-B 382
    C-D 276
    C-E 486
    Which of the atoms has smallest size?

    A) E

    B) B

    C) D

    D) A

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  • question_answer55) The ionisation energy of gaseous Na atom is \[495.8\text{ }kJ\text{ }mo{{l}^{-1}}\]. The lowest possible frequency of light that can ionise a Na atom is:

    A) \[1.24\times {{10}^{12}}{{s}^{-1}}\]

    B) \[3.15\times {{10}^{14}}{{s}^{-1}}\]

    C) \[4.76\times {{10}^{14}}{{s}^{-1}}\]

    D) \[1.24\times {{10}^{15}}{{s}^{-1}}\]

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  • question_answer56) A sudden large jump between the values of second and third ionization energy of an element would be associated with the electronic configuration:

    A) \[1{{s}^{2}},2{{s}^{2}}2{{p}^{6}},3{{s}^{2}},3{{p}^{3}}\]

    B) \[1{{s}^{2}},2{{s}^{2}}2{{p}^{6}},3{{s}^{2}}\]

    C) \[1{{s}^{2}},2{{s}^{2}}2{{p}^{6}},3{{s}^{1}}\]

    D) \[1{{s}^{2}},2{{s}^{2}}2{{p}^{6}},3{{s}^{2}}3{{p}^{1}}\]

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  • question_answer57) A \[\sigma \] bonded molecule \[M{{X}_{3}}\] is T-shaped. The number of non-bonding pair of electrons is:

    A) 1

    B) 3

    C) 2

    D) can be predicted only if atomic number of M is known

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  • question_answer58) The value of \[\Delta {{H}_{O-H}}\] n is\[109\text{ }kcal\text{ }mo{{l}^{-1}}\]. Then formation of one mole of water in gaseous state from H(g) ang O(g) is accompanied by:

    A) absorption of 218 kcal of energy

    B) release of 218 kcal of energy

    C) release of 109 kcal of energy

    D) unpredictable

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  • question_answer59) One of the following is Bronsted acid but not a Bronsted base:

    A) \[{{H}_{2}}O\]

    B) \[N{{H}_{3}}\]

    C) \[{{H}_{2}}S\]

    D) \[HCO_{3}^{-}\]

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  • question_answer60) Calculate the heat of following reaction \[Na(s)+0.5C{{l}_{2}}(g)\xrightarrow{{}}NaCl(s);\Delta {{H}^{o}}?\] Given \[{{H}_{2}}(g)+C{{l}_{2}}(g)\xrightarrow{{}}2HCl,\]\[\Delta {{H}^{o}}=152kcal\] \[2Na(s)+2HCl(g)\xrightarrow{{}}2NaCl(s)+{{H}_{2}}(g),\]\[\Delta {{H}^{o}}=152kcal\]

    A) \[54\text{ }kcal\]

    B) \[\text{98 }kcal\]

    C) \[\text{196 }kcal\]

    D) \[\text{108 }kcal\]

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  • question_answer61) The equilibrium constant for the reaction \[N{{H}_{4}}N{{O}_{2}}(s){{N}_{2}}(g)+2{{H}_{2}}O(g)\] is given by:

    A) \[\frac{[{{N}_{2}}]{{[{{H}_{2}}O]}^{2}}}{[N{{H}_{4}}N{{O}_{2}}]}\]

    B) \[\frac{[{{N}_{2}}]{{[2{{H}_{2}}O]}^{2}}}{{{[N{{H}_{4}}N{{O}_{2}}]}^{2}}}\]

    C) \[\frac{[N{{H}_{4}}N{{O}_{2}}]}{[{{N}_{2}}]{{[{{H}_{2}}O]}^{2}}}\]

    D) \[[{{N}_{2}}]{{[{{H}_{2}}O]}^{2}}\]

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  • question_answer62) In a closed vessel of volume V, a moles of nitrogen and b moles of oxygen are made to react to give nitric oxide, according to reactio\[{{N}_{2}}+{{O}_{2}}2NO\] If at equilibrium, 2x of moles of NO are obtained then:

    A) \[{{K}_{c}}=\frac{4{{x}^{2}}}{(a-x)\,(b-x)}.\frac{1}{V}\]

    B) \[{{K}_{c}}=\frac{4{{x}^{2}}}{(a-x)\,(b-x)}.V\]

    C) \[{{K}_{c}}=\frac{{{x}^{2}}}{(a-x)\,(b-x)}.V\]

    D) \[{{K}_{c}}=\frac{4{{x}^{2}}}{(a-x)\,(b-x)}\]

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  • question_answer63) The molality of 1 L solution of \[93%{{H}_{2}}S{{O}_{4}}\](w/v) having density \[1.84\text{ }g/mL\] is:

    A) \[1.043\text{ }m\]

    B) \[0.143m\]

    C) 10.43 m

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer64) Reaction that takes place at graphite anode in dry cell is:

    A) \[M{{n}^{+}}+2{{e}^{-}}\xrightarrow{{}}Mn(s)\]

    B) \[Mn(s)+\xrightarrow{{}}M{{n}^{+}}+{{e}^{-}}+1.5V\]

    C) \[Z{{n}^{2+}}(s)+2{{e}^{-}}\xrightarrow{{}}Zn(s)\]

    D) \[Zn(s)\xrightarrow{{}}Z{{n}^{2+}}+2{{e}^{-}}\]

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  • question_answer65) The radius of \[N{{a}^{+}}\] is 95 pm and that of \[C{{l}^{-}}\] ion is 181 pm. Predict the co-ordination number of \[N{{a}^{+}}\].

    A) 8

    B) 6

    C) 4

    D) unpredictable

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  • question_answer66) A reaction \[2A\to B\] follows a second order kinetics. Doubling the concentration of A will increase the rate of formation of B by a factor of:

    A) \[1/4\]

    B) 4

    C) \[1/2\]

    D) 2

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  • question_answer67) The diagram given above is a vapour pressure composition diagram for a binary solution of A and B. In the solution A......B interactions are:

    A) smaller than A....... A and B.......B interactions

    B) similar to A........ A and B........B interactions

    C) greater than A ........ A and B........ B interactions

    D) unpredictable

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  • question_answer68) Calculate the volume occupied by 7.0 g of nitrogen gas at \[{{27}^{o}}C\] and 750 mm Hg pressure.

    A) \[62.32\text{ }L\]

    B) \[6.232\text{ }L\]

    C) \[623.2\text{ }L~\]

    D) \[0.623\text{ }L\]

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  • question_answer69) If \[_{92}{{U}^{235}}\] is assumed to decay only by emitting two a and one \[\beta \]- particles. The possible product of decay is;

    A) \[_{89}A{{c}^{277}}\]

    B) \[_{89}A{{c}^{235}}\]

    C) \[_{89}A{{c}^{211}}\]

    D) \[_{89}A{{c}^{237}}\]

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  • question_answer70) The colour of \[{{K}_{2}}C{{r}_{2}}{{O}_{7}}\] changes from red orange to lemon yellow on treatment with aqueous \[KOH\] because of:

    A) oxidation of potassium hydroxide to potassium peroxide

    B) conversion of dichromate ion to chromate

    C) reduction of \[Cr\] (VI) to \[Cr\] (III)

    D) formation of chromium hydroxide

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  • question_answer71) Which one of the following metals cannot be extracted by using Al as a reducing agent?

    A) \[W\] from \[W{{O}_{3}}\]

    B) \[Mn\] from \[M{{n}_{3}}{{O}_{4}}\]

    C) \[Cr\] from \[C{{r}_{2}}{{O}_{3}}\]

    D) \[Na\] from \[N{{a}_{2}}O\]

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  • question_answer72) The numbers of a and P particles emitted in the transformation \[_{92}{{U}^{238}}{{\xrightarrow{{}}}_{92}}{{U}^{234}}\]

    A) \[2,1\]

    B) \[1,2\]

    C) \[1,1\]

    D) \[1,0\]

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  • question_answer73) The maximum bond angle in hydrides of group 16-elements is in:

    A) \[{{H}_{2}}Te\]

    B) \[{{H}_{2}}Se\]

    C) \[{{H}_{2}}S\]

    D) \[{{H}_{2}}O\]

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  • question_answer74) \[N{{O}_{2}}\] is obtained by heating :

    A) \[NaN{{O}_{3}}\]

    B) \[AgN{{O}_{3}}\]

    C) \[CsN{{O}_{3}}\]

    D) \[KN{{O}_{3}}\]

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  • question_answer75) An ingredient of baking powder is:

    A) sodium bicarbonate

    B) sodium carbonate

    C) borax

    D) sodium chloride

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  • question_answer76) Stable compounds in \[+1\] oxidation state are formed by:

    A) \[B\]

    B) \[Al\]

    C) \[Ga\]

    D) \[Tl\]

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  • question_answer77) Which one of the following configurations is correct for alkaline earth elements?

    A) \[1{{s}^{2}}2{{s}^{2}}2{{p}^{3}}\]

    B) \[1{{s}^{2}}2{{s}^{2}}2{{p}^{6}}3{{s}^{2}}\]

    C) \[1{{s}^{2}}2{{s}^{2}}2{{p}^{6}}3{{s}^{2}}3{{p}^{2}}\]

    D) \[1{{s}^{2}}2{{s}^{2}}2{{p}^{6}}\]

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  • question_answer78) Perches process is used to prepare:

    A) \[BaC{{O}_{3}}\]

    B) \[L{{i}_{2}}C{{O}_{3}}\]

    C) \[{{K}_{2}}C{{O}_{3}}\]

    D) \[N{{a}_{2}}C{{O}_{3}}\]

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  • question_answer79) The gold numbers of gelatin, albumin and strach are 0.005, 0.15 and 2.5 respectively. Which is the best protective colloid?

    A) Gelatin

    B) Albumin

    C) Starch

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer80) \[K{{O}_{2}}+C{{O}_{2}}\xrightarrow{{}}(gas)\], Which gas is this?

    A) \[{{H}_{2}}\]

    B) \[{{N}_{2}}\]

    C) \[{{O}_{2}}\]

    D) \[CO\]

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  • question_answer81) Which of the following interhalogen does not exist?

    A) \[Cl{{F}_{2}}\]

    B) \[Cl{{F}_{5}}\]

    C) \[Cl{{F}_{3}}\]

    D) \[ClF\]

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  • question_answer82) If a person is injured by the shot of gun and all the bullets could not be removed. It may cause poisoning by:

    A) \[Tl\]

    B) \[Pb\]

    C) \[As\]

    D) carbon

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  • question_answer83) Silicon is the main constituent of:

    A) plants

    B) rocks

    C) alloys

    D) animals

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  • question_answer84) Which of the following is known as aqua-regia?

    A) \[3HCl+HN{{O}_{3}}\]

    B) \[3HN{{O}_{3}}+HCl\]

    C) \[{{H}_{3}}P{{O}_{4}}+{{H}_{2}}S{{O}_{4}}\]

    D) \[HCl+C{{H}_{3}}COOH\]

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  • question_answer85) Silver bromide is used in photography because it is:

    A) soluble in \[N{{H}_{4}}OH\]

    B) insoluble in acids

    C) photosensitive

    D) soluble in hypo-solution

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  • question_answer86) The matte obtained by smelting copper pyrites with coke and sand contains mainly:

    A) \[FeS+ZnS\]

    B) \[C{{u}_{2}}S+FeS\]

    C) \[CuS+Fe{{S}_{2}}\]

    D) \[ZnS+CuS\]

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  • question_answer87) In the metal carbonyls of general formula \[M{{(CO)}_{x}}\] where M = metal, \[x=4\]the metal is bonded to:

    A) oxygen

    B) carbon

    C) carbon and oxygen

    D) \[C\equiv O\] triple bond

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  • question_answer88) Which one of the following is common example of fibres?

    A) Nylon-66

    B) Nylon-6

    C) Buna-S

    D) Bakelite

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  • question_answer89) Which one of the following species does not exist?

    A) \[{{[SnC{{l}_{6}}]}^{3-}}\]

    B) \[{{[GeC{{l}_{6}}]}^{2-}}\]

    C) \[{{[SiC{{l}_{6}}]}^{2-}}\]

    D) \[{{[CC{{l}_{6}}]}^{2-}}\]

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  • question_answer90) \[(CuS{{O}_{4}}+N{{H}_{4}}OH)\] gives a deep blue complex of:

    A) cupra ammonium sulphate

    B) cupra ammonium hydroxide

    C) sodium hexametaphosphate

    D) ammonal

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  • question_answer91) Which one of the following is not an ore of magnesium?

    A) Dolomite

    B) Carnallite

    C) Gypsum

    D) Magnesite

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  • question_answer92) Which one of the following will be able to show geometrical isomerism?

    A) \[M{{A}_{4}}\]

    B) \[M{{A}_{3}}B\]

    C) \[M{{(AA)}_{2}}\]

    D) \[MABCD\]

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  • question_answer93) Which of the following imparts violet colouration to the Bunsen burner non luminous flam?

    A) \[KCl\]

    B) \[CaC{{l}_{2}}\]

    C) \[BaC{{l}_{2}}\]

    D) \[NaCl\]

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  • question_answer94) Sodium tripolyphosphate used in industrial detergent and softening of water is obtained by the hydrolysis of:

    A) orthophosphate

    B) trimetaphosphate

    C) sodium dihydrogenphosphate

    D) none of the above

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  • question_answer95) \[RCH=C{{H}_{2}}\xrightarrow[{{C}_{2}}{{H}_{5}}OH]{Na/N{{H}_{3}}_{(l)}}RC{{H}_{2}}C{{H}_{3}}\], This reaction is called as:

    A) Fischer-Siper reaction

    B) Clemmensen reaction

    C) Birch reduction

    D) Amdt-Eistert synthesis

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  • question_answer96) The compound A in the following sequence of reaction is a silver salt of:

    A) butyric acid

    B) isobutyric acid

    C) propanoic acid

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer97) In order to get propane gas which of the following should be subjected to soda lime decarboxylation ?

    A) Sodium formate

    B) Mixture of sodium acetate and sodium ethanoate

    C) Sodium butyrate

    D) Sodium propionate

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  • question_answer98) Which of the following species is less reactive than benzene towards electrophilic substituation reactions?

    A) Aniline

    B) Nitrobenzene

    C) Bromobenzene

    D) Phenol

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  • question_answer99) A compound has simplest formula \[C{{H}_{2}}\]. To which hydrocarbon series does it belong ?

    A) Alkynes

    B) Cycloalkanes

    C) Alkanes

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer100) The change in the optical rotation (with time) of freshly prepared solution of sugar is known as:

    A) mutarotation

    B) rotatory motion

    C) specific rotation

    D) inversion

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  • question_answer101) The long bones which are solid may be eaten up by special cells and make them hollow. These cells are:

    A) chondroblast

    B) chondroclasts

    C) octeoblasts

    D) osteoclasts

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  • question_answer102) A significant effect of ultraviolet radiation is the:

    A) production of base tautomeres

    B) breakage of phosphodiester bonds

    C) formation of pyremidine dimers

    D) induction of photosynthesis

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  • question_answer103) Tracer elements are defined as:

    A) micronutrient elements

    B) radioisotope elements

    C) macronutrient elements

    D) vitamins

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  • question_answer104) The place where RNA polymerase attaches with the DNA is called:

    A) promoter site

    B) operator site

    C) activator site

    D) repressor site

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  • question_answer105) Which one of the following is a secretory tissue?

    A) Sclerenchyma

    B) Companion cells

    C) Hydathode

    D) Sclereids

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  • question_answer106) A pigment concerned with both floral induction and seed germination is:

    A) anthocyanin

    B) phytochrome

    C) phycocyanin

    D) xanthophylls

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  • question_answer107) Translocation of carbohydrates in flowering plants occur in the form of:

    A) glucose

    B) maltose

    C) starch

    D) sucrose

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  • question_answer108) Which one of the following elements play important role in denitrogen fixation?

    A) Mn

    B) MO

    C) 2n

    D) Cu

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  • question_answer109) At constant temperature, the rate of transpiration will be higher at:

    A) sea level

    B) 1 km below sea level

    C) 1 km above sea level

    D) 1.5 km above sea level

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  • question_answer110) Complete oxidation of a molecule of glucose yield :

    A) 15 ATP molecules

    B) 36 ATP molecules

    C) 2 ATP molecules

    D) 8 ATP molecules

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  • question_answer111) Water can be absorbed from a hypertonic external solution by :

    A) adding more water in the external solution

    B) auxin treated cells

    C) adding a buffer in the external solution

    D) cytokinin treated cells

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  • question_answer112) For process of photosynthesis, all except one of the following items are essential. Point out the exception :

    A) water, minerals

    B) light, chlorophyll

    C) \[C{{O}_{2}}\]and optimum temperature

    D) \[{{O}_{2}}\] and sucrose

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  • question_answer113) Germinating wheat seeds are put in a Ganongs respirometer filled with mercury or saturated sodium chloride solution. What will happen to it after 24 hours when apparatus is set?

    A) Level will rise

    B) Level will fall

    C) Level remains as such

    D) Seeds will die

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  • question_answer114) In chiasmata meiosis, the disial segments of the daughter chromalid segregate from eacli other, ar:

    A) anaphase

    B) anaphase

    C) both (a) and (b)

    D) diakinesis

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  • question_answer115) A structure called synaptomeal complex, which is considered to be a physical structure which is associated with synapsis of homologous chromosomes was discovered by:

    A) King

    B) Moses

    C) Griffith

    D) Balbiam

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  • question_answer116) If a cross is made between two plants of Aa Bb cc Dd and Aa bb cc DD genotype then what will be the expected frequency of obtaining a progeny with AA Bb Cc Dd ?

    A) 1/128

    B) 1/64

    C) 1/32

    D) 1/16

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  • question_answer117) The garden pea (Piswn sativiim) has 14 chromosomes in each of its body cells. The number of linkage group expected in the species is :

    A) more than 7

    B) less than 7

    C) 7

    D) 14

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  • question_answer118) Given are the statements regarding linkages of genes: (i) The strength of the linkage is determined by the distance between the 2 genes in question. (ii) The strength of the linkage is directly proportional to the distance between the two genes. The two genes are said to be linked when they fail to show independent assortment. Out of these statements:

    A) all are correct

    B) (i) and (ii) are correct

    C) (i) and (iii) are correct

    D) (ii) and (vi) are correct

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  • question_answer119) Independent gene that copy other gene. so as to produce a similar effect are known as :

    A) complementary gene

    B) epistatic gene

    C) lethal gene

    D) duplicate gene

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  • question_answer120) Out of the given four combination which one possess the integrated protein synthesizing machinery:

    A) m-RNA. r-RNA and amino acid

    B) t-RNA, ribosome. nucleus and m-RNA

    C) ribosomes. r-RNA and amino acid

    D) ribosomes. r-RNA. m-RNA and amino acid

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  • question_answer121) In pseudo-allelisms, genes are :

    A) functionally allelic and structurally non-allelic

    B) structurally as well as functionally allelic

    C) structurally allelic and functionally non-allelic

    D) structurally as well as functionally non-allelic

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  • question_answer122) Recessive epistasis is defined as :

    A) a situation in which a gene pair in homozygous recessive condition masks the effect of one or both the member of another gene pair

    B) a situation in which the dominant allele of the first gene pair masks the effect of both the members of the second gene pair and the dominant allele of the second gene pair masks the effect of both the members of the first gene pair

    C) a situation in which one allele does not allow its alternative form to express

    D) a situation in which the dominant allele of one gene pair masks the effect of both members of another gene pair

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  • question_answer123) Clove oil is obtained from :

    A) wood of Santalum album

    B) leaf of Syzygium aromaticum

    C) flower bud of Syzygium aromadcum

    D) rhizome of Veiiveria ziganoides

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  • question_answer124) Chewing gum is the latex, obtained from the bark of:

    A) PIumeria rubra

    B) Ficus hispida

    C) Achras sapota

    D) Streblus asper

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  • question_answer125) The alkaloid known as reserpine is obtained from the root of which plant?

    A) Papaver somnifenim

    B) Zingiber officinal

    C) Hemidesmus indieus

    D) Rauwolffia serpentine

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  • question_answer126) Natural rubber is obtained from the latex of

    A) Calotropis procera

    B) Ricinus communis

    C) Nerium indicum

    D) Hevea brasiliensis

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  • question_answer127) Out of the given following disease, which disease results due to disorder in lysosomes ?

    A) Arthritic joints

    B) Hurles syndrome

    C) Tay Sachs disease

    D) All of these

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  • question_answer128) Besides C-AMP, which one of the following molecules acts as a second messenger in biological system ?

    A) C-DNA

    B) C-GTP

    C) \[C{{a}^{++}}\]

    D) ATP

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  • question_answer129) In plants lysosomes are not present, then the function of lysosomes is taken by which of the following orgenelles ?

    A) sphaerosomes

    B) vacuoles

    C) aleurone layer

    D) all of these

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  • question_answer130) Out of the given following cell structure which show polarity is :

    A) microtubules

    B) mitochondria

    C) endoplasmic reticulum

    D) microbodies

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  • question_answer131) Which one of the following is catalysed by the presence of enzyme peptidyl transferase?

    A) Peptide bond formation

    B) Transfer of a ammo acid

    C) Transfer of ribosomes units

    D) Transfer of peptide bonds

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  • question_answer132) The anticodon region is an important part of the structure of:

    A) r-RNA

    B) m-RNA

    C) r-RNA

    D) in-RNA

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  • question_answer133) Which of the following cell organelles is not a micro body?

    A) Peroxisome

    B) Lomasome

    C) Ribosome

    D) Sphaerosome

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  • question_answer134) Microfilaments are long, thin, contractile rods (solid) of 6-10 nm diameter. These help in :

    A) movement of cell membrane during mobility and endocytosis

    B) contraction of muscles, functioning of microvilli and undulation of cell membrane

    C) cytoplasmic streming, cleavage of animal celt formation of pseudopodia

    D) all of the above

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  • question_answer135) To no fibrils of desmosomes are made up of :

    A) chitin and keratin

    B) keratin and actin

    C) actin and desmin

    D) keratin and desmin

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  • question_answer136) In lower plants motile cells bears two flagella. One is called whiplash or acronernatic. Which is smooth and the second one is called tinsel or rough or pleuronematic or pantonematic and bears lateral hair like appendages called :

    A) flimmers

    B) mastigonemes

    C) both (a) and (b)

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer137) Plasmids are ideal vectors for gene cloning as :

    A) they replicate freely outside the bacterial cells

    B) they are self-replicating within the bacterial cell

    C) they can be multiplied by culruring

    D) they can be multiplied in a laboratory using enzyme

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  • question_answer138) DNA finger priming has proved useful in Forensic science. It involve use of :

    A) minisatellite

    B) ribosomal DNA

    C) cDNA

    D) bacterial DNA

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  • question_answer139) The synonym of family Labiatae, Umbelliferae, Compositae and Gramineae are :

    A) Lcguminosae, Acanthaceae, Asteraceae and Lamiaceae

    B) Solanaceae. Aricaceae, Apiaceae, Poaceae

    C) Lamiaceae, Apiaceae, Asteraceae, Poaceae

    D) Lilliaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Poaceae, Asleraceae

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  • question_answer140) The following features outline a system of plant classification : (i) unisexual flower are the most primitive within the angiosperm (ii) polyphyletic origin of angiosperm (iii) monocotyledons have been considered more primitive than dicotyledons Which one of the following system of classification represent above feature ?

    A) Linnaeus

    B) Engter and Pranti

    C) Rendle

    D) Hutchinson

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  • question_answer141) The following statements outlines the major feature of a system of classification : (i) Monophylctic origin of angiosperm (ii) Dicotyledons are the primitive over monocotyledons (iii) Division ofdicotyledonae into Ugnosae and Herbaceae Which of the following system of classification represents above features ?

    A) Linnaeus

    B) Bentham and Hooker

    C) Engler and Pranti

    D) Hutchinson

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  • question_answer142) To how many families to the following vegetable belong ? Pea, soyabcan, radish, cauliflower, cabbage, potato, tomato.

    A) two

    B) three

    C) four

    D) five

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  • question_answer143) Industrial production of ethanol from starch is brought about by a certain species of :

    A) Penicillin

    B) Azotobacter

    C) Saccharomyces

    D) Lactobaciflus

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  • question_answer144) In 1928, a scientist discovered an antibiotic which was found to be very effective. The name of scientist and the antibiotic respectively are :

    A) Woodruff and actinomycin

    B) Waksman and streptomycin

    C) Cesar Milstein and rifampicin

    D) Alexander l-lemming and penicillin

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  • question_answer145) Advancement in genetic engineering has been possible due to :

    A) oncogenes

    B) exonucleases

    C) transposons

    D) endonucleases

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  • question_answer146) Apart from DNA in the bacterial nucleoid, there is a circular extra chromosomal DNA, called :

    A) plasmid

    B) meso some

    C) chromosome

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer147) Seed habit was first originated in members of:

    A) ferns

    B) cycadofilicales

    C) gymnosperm

    D) angiosperm

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  • question_answer148) If Gnetum is not a flowering plant, it may be mistaken for a:

    A) tree fem

    B) monocot plant

    C) dicot plant

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer149) Which of the following is not functionally analogous with other in the group ?

    A) Antheridium

    B) Archegonium

    C) Oogonium

    D) Ovule

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  • question_answer150) Which one of the following gymnosperms shows the complete absence of archegonia in this ovules?

    A) Cycas

    B) Ephedra

    C) Gnetum

    D) Ginfego

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  • question_answer151) The occurrence of more than one embryo in a seed in know as :

    A) polar nuclei

    B) polyembryony

    C) porogamy

    D) protandry

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  • question_answer152) The deteriorative processes that naturally. Terminate their functional life are collectively called :

    A) sensescence

    B) abscission

    C) wilting

    D) plasmolysis

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  • question_answer153) Which of the following elements are considered essential for photolysis of water ?

    A) Ca and Cl

    B) Mn and Cl

    C) Zn and I

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer154) The development of eye in vertebrate embryology is studied under :

    A) neurogenesis

    B) organogenesis

    C) nologenesis

    D) all of these

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  • question_answer155) The Noble Prize for the discovery of TCA cycle and ATP biosynthesis was awarded to :

    A) Hans Krebs

    B) Lipman

    C) Krebs and Lipman jointly

    D) Vishniac and Ochoa

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  • question_answer156) Which of the following is not a feature of mangrove plant ?

    A) Production of respiration roots called pneumatophores

    B) lack of slit like prop root

    C) viviparous method of germination of seeds

    D) all of the above

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  • question_answer157) A and B genes are linked. What should be the genotype of progeny in a cross between AB/ab and ab/ab ?

    A) AA bb and aa bb

    B) Aa Bb and aa bb

    C) AA BB and aa bb

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer158) The part of m-RNA which removed after transcription by RNA spliting is :

    A) exons

    B) liexane

    C) introns

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer159) A spindle is organised during a process of meiosis, sometime formation of spindle is arrested by the use of:

    A) nitrous acid

    B) cellulose

    C) colchicine

    D) phosphate

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  • question_answer160) A phenomenon which include all those heritable changes, which after the phenotype of an individual is called ?

    A) Mutation

    B) Lethality

    C) Both (a) and (b)

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer161) The main difference between active and passive transport across cell membrane is that:

    A) active transport is more rapid than passive transport

    B) passive transport is non-selective

    C) passive transport is due to the concentration gradient across the cell membrane where as active transport is due to metabolic energy

    D) passive transport is confined to anions, while acrive transport is confined to cations only

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  • question_answer162) Which of the following does not obtain its nitrogen from captured animal i.e., is not an insectivorous plant ?

    A) Orobanche

    B) Utriciilaria

    C) Drosera

    D) All of these

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  • question_answer163)

    List-I List-II
    A. Diameter of the helix 1. \[34\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]
    B. Distance between two adjacent 2. \[20\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]
    C. Distance between 2 complete turns 3. \[3\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]
    D. Length of the hydrogen bonds 4. \[4.4\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

    A) A-1 B-3 C-2 D-4

    B) A-2 B-4 C-1 D-3

    C) A-4 B-2 C-3 D-1

    D) A-1 B-4 C-2 D-3

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  • question_answer164) Isochromosis are formed as a result of :

    A) longitudinal splitting of centromere

    B) pairing of identical chromosomes

    C) disjunction of bivalents

    D) transverse division of centromere

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  • question_answer165) The most widespread but distinctive cytogenerics process involved in speciation of higher plant is :

    A) autosomal mutation

    B) polyploidy

    C) apomixes

    D) interspecific hybridization

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  • question_answer166) The genetic code is said to be degenerate and universal which means that: (i) codon are common for higher and lower organisms (ii) amino acids may have more than one codon (iii) all amino acids have more than one codon Out of the above statement, correct statement is :

    A) (ii) and (iii) are correct

    B) only the (iii) statement is correct

    C) (i) and (ii) are correct

    D) all are correct

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  • question_answer167) Zinc is considered essential for the formation of plant hormone :

    A) abscisic acid

    B) in dole acetic acid

    C) gibberellic acid

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer168) The low temperature requirement for flowering was first noticed by :

    A) Nawaschin

    B) Klippast

    C) MacLeod

    D) Lysenko

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  • question_answer169) Which of the following codon is related to UAA and UAG functions ?

    A) UUU

    B) UGA

    C) AUG

    D) GUG

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  • question_answer170) When carbohydrates are the respiratory substrates the Respiratory Quotient (R.Q.) becomes:

    A) zero

    B) more than one

    C) less than one

    D) one

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  • question_answer171) The plants which can refix \[C{{O}_{2}}\] released during respiration and use it during photosynthesis are known as ;

    A) succulents

    B) mesophytes

    C) hydrophytes

    D) non-succlents

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  • question_answer172) Out of the following which one is not a millet:

    A) Triticum

    B) Penicillium

    C) Pennisetum

    D) Eleiisine.

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  • question_answer173) Litmus is a natural dye which is obtained from:

    A) algae

    B) fungi

    C) lichen

    D) mosses

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  • question_answer174) Commercially cork is obtained from llie bark of:

    A) Mangifera indica

    B) Avadirachra indica

    C) Qiterciis suber

    D) Ficiis bengalensis

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  • question_answer175) The part of Papaver sainniferwn from which opium is obtained is:

    A) seed

    B) mature fruit

    C) unripe fruit

    D) stem and leaf

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  • question_answer176) Calmodulein is a calcium protein complex in microtubules and microfilaments. It is involved in :

    A) cell-differenciation

    B) synthesis of ATP

    C) breakdown of ATP

    D) cell motility

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  • question_answer177) Who among the following discovered microtubules ?

    A) de Robertis and Franchi

    B) Watson and Crick

    C) Ziner and Lederberg

    D) Boveri and Van Beneden

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  • question_answer178) In idioblasts. crystals of calcium oxalate exist in different shapes needle like crystals of calcium oxalates are called :

    A) raphids

    B) cystoliths

    C) otoliths

    D) sphaerophids

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  • question_answer179) Nitrogenous excretory (waste) products in plants cells are :

    A) alkaloids like quinine and morphine

    B) tannins and resins

    C) latex and essential oils

    D) all of the above

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  • question_answer180) Raphids, sphaeraphides, druses are minerals crystals in plants cells of Nerium. Lefnna, Eichhornia, onion. These are chemically:

    A) \[CaC{{O}_{3}}\]

    B) calcium oxalate

    C) silica

    D) \[CaS{{O}_{4}}\]

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  • question_answer181) Insulin is a fan shaped carbohydrats crystals and is found in cell sap of:

    A) tubers of dahlia

    B) tubers of Jeruselum (artichoke)

    C) dandelion

    D) all of the above

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  • question_answer182) Most common mineral crystals are of calcium oxalate \[[Ca({{C}_{2}}{{p}_{4}}),2{{H}_{2}}O].\] When these are satellite in shape and found in clusters, are called:

    A) sphaeraphides

    B) druse

    C) both (a) and (b)

    D) cistolith

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  • question_answer183) Smallest chromosomes (size \[0.025\mu \]) are found in algae. Largest eukaryotic normal chrom- osome is \[30\mu \] in size and is found in :

    A) Trilliuin

    B) Ophioglossum

    C) Radiolarians

    D) Mays

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  • question_answer184) Which protein of nucleoplasm activates DNA to replicate the transcribe?

    A) Histone

    B) Non-histone

    C) Phospho protein

    D) Nucleoproteins

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  • question_answer185) Experiment to demonstrate importance of nucleus in the controlling growth and heredity were performed on :

    A) Acetabularia

    B) Neurospora

    C) eucocytes

    D) star fish

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  • question_answer186) Which one of the following phyla is characterized by the absence of a true coelom characterised by the absence of a true coelom?

    A) Echinodermata

    B) Annelida

    C) Mollusca

    D) Nematoda

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  • question_answer187) Which of the following is the correct pairing of the classification group and common example?

    A) Porifera-sea fan

    B) Crustacea-cattle fish

    C) Plathylielminthes-Neries

    D) Mastigophora-Volvox

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  • question_answer188) Flowers of which one of the following plants bears 2 minute scales called lodicules ?

    A) Gossypidin herbarium

    B) Helianthns annuus

    C) Triticum vulgare

    D) Citrus medico.

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  • question_answer189) Gynan drophore is found in the members of family :

    A) Brassica ceae

    B) Capparidaceae

    C) Malvaceae

    D) Ranunculaceae

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  • question_answer190) The type specimen used by tlie author in the original publication is known as :

    A) lectotype

    B) isotype

    C) halotype

    D) syntype

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  • question_answer191) Syngensious stamens occur in members of family :

    A) Malvaceae

    B) Orchidaceae

    C) Solanaceae

    D) Asteraceae

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  • question_answer192) Biofertilizers are used to increase the availability of nutrient like :

    A) nitrogen

    B) phosphorus

    C) potassium

    D) both (a) and (b)

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  • question_answer193) Which bacterium was the first biopesticide to be used on a commercial scale in the world?

    A) Bacillus thiiringiensis

    B) polymyxa

    C) Bacillus brevis

    D) Bacillits lichenifonnis

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  • question_answer194) Out of the following which is not concerned with biotechnology ?

    A) Biogas production

    B) Sewage treatment

    C) Bio fertilizers

    D) Wood seasoning

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  • question_answer195) Pentadiplandra brazzeana produces a protein called brazzein which is about 2,000 times as sweet as sugar. This plant belongs to :

    A) Australia

    B) South America

    C) Africa

    D) Canada

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  • question_answer196) Classification of algae into II classes was made by Fritsh on the basis of flagellation, pigmentation and type of reserve food. out of this. the main criteria used in algal classification/grouping of algae is :

    A) chemical composition of cell wall

    B) type of pigmentation

    C) unicellular sex organ

    D) aquatic liabitat

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  • question_answer197) The minimum number of chromosome1 recorded in an algae are n = 2. The algae is :

    A) Laininaria

    B) Porphyra

    C) Netrium

    D) Chlamydomonas

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  • question_answer198) A members of RJiodophyceae (red algae) which is widely used as weed is called irish moss. Its alternative name is :

    A) Ficus

    B) Laminaria

    C) Ulothrix

    D) Chondrus

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  • question_answer199) From a cell wall of Chondrus a sulphated polysaccharides is obtained which is used clearingagentinliquas (beer).The substance is:

    A) funor

    B) agar

    C) carrageenm

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer200) In angiosperm. the egg is :

    A) completely surrounded by a wall

    B) surrounded by a wall only at the micro pylal end

    C) surrounded by a wall only at chalazal end

    D) devoid of wall

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