The Limit of options for Biologists is the Sky!

Category : Editorial

Following the carriers of our students, we find biologists are doing well, equally well as IITians.

Whatever be the subject, for the dedicated students, there is no limit of choices. The only advice is, having chosen a career for research one has to wait patiently to get results. We all know that in a circular pattern of action, one does not know whether A follows B or leads B.

For a agricultural scientist, planning to grow a crop comes first. The ground has to be prepared depending on whether one is going to grow paddy or papaya. Ploughing, breaking the hard soil, harrowing, sowing, and so on, have to be all performed before harvesting. Research is the same.

Agronomical research, food processing, specific research for cotton, silk, jute, rice, wheat, fruits such as mangoes, spices like pepper, coconut growing, bananas, horticulture, particularly flowers and also for rediscovering the properties of medicinal plants, all have specific research institutes. Medical research is excellent. But that alone is-not the option for a successful carrier.

Any modern person who had studied only literature can not be shy of handling a screw driver or hammer. He has also to know the working of car and changing tyres. This is the same case with biologists.

One has to master statistics for every job. It is not surprising that some of the best research scientists in statistics are also scientists working in the field of agriculture. This is also because, apart from the experimental errors, the mass or charge of an electron does not vary like the fibres of cotton or other agricultural products.

There are options in plenty for students of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. The sky is the limit. Are you ready to work hard? Then the whole world is your play-ground.


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