Primary School Level

My Uncle

Points: His dress and appearance - what work he does - his nature and habits - our attitude towards him.

My uncle's name is Jayantilal. He is my mother's younger brother. He has a handsome face and is well built only up to the waist. Below the waist he is very thin and his legs are crooked. He suffered from polio at the age of three. So he became a cripple. He walks with the aid of crutches. Yet he can move around very quickly. He is now thirty-eight years old. He wears a short-sleeved shirt and a pair of pants. As he was unable to take up a job, he opened his own business. He has a general store. He sits all day in his shop and sells all kinds of things. He is a very keen, hardworking and successful businessman.

Life has been very cruel to him and yet he is always full of cheer. He is very sensitive to the needs of others. Very often when I am off form or depressed he is the first one to notice it as we live together in a joint family. He calls me aside and is quick to put me back in form in his own gentle way.

All the children of our building complex love him very much as he has his pockets full of sweets to distribute to all his little friends. Every evening when he is off his shop duty he is found in the small garden in the complex. He spends his time laughing and having fun with the children who gather around him. Foundly all children call him Jayanti kaka. My uncle is a magnetic personality, he has something to say to everyone young and old alike. He is loved by all.

Difficult Words: Cruel-unkind; depressed-in low form; magnetic personality- a person liked by all.


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