Primary School Level

Father gives my sister Kamal pocket money. She is very careful with it. She spends some on bus fares and only sometimes will she buy a snack or drink from the school canteen. She has a piggy bank in which she saves her money. Last week she said to Mom, "My piggy bank is full. Will you help me start my own bank account?" Mother was happy and they opened an account for her. How proud Kamal is of her new Bank Pass Book. "I will fill my piggy bank again and put the money in the bank!", she said happily.

Points: His dress and appearance - what work he does - his nature and habits - our attitude towards him. My uncle's name is Jayantilal. He is my mother's younger brother. He has a handsome face and is well built only up to the waist. Below the waist he is very thin and his legs are crooked. He suffered from polio at the age of three. So he became a cripple. He walks with the aid of crutches. Yet he can move around very quickly. He is now thirty-eight years old. He wears a short-sleeved shirt and a pair of pants. As he was unable to take up a job, he opened his own business. He has a general store. He sits all day in his shop and sells all kinds of things. He is a very keen, hardworking and successful businessman. Life has been very cruel to him and more...

My mother and I are members of a library near our house. There are many sections with different books. I make my way to the Children's books. I usually read some books that cannot be taken home. When there are more than ten children, an Aunty reads aloud to us. She makes the story very interesting. Sometimes I take the same book home to read again. I have made new friends here. We all come at the same time. I feel very grownup when I choose the books for myself at the Library. I can happily spend many hours here.

Points : His appearance - his devotion to teaching – his knowledge - his teaching ability - his other qualities. The Ideal Teacher is what everybody expects in a school or outside. The Ideal Teacher should be simple, neat and tidy in his/ her appearance and habits. The Ideal Teacher must be completely devoted to his/ her work. He/ she must devote all his/ her time and attention to his/ her work, He/ she teaches because he/ she loves to teach and not because of the money one can get by being a teacher. The Ideal teacher has a thorough knowledge of his/ her subject. He/she always keeps on reading to get the latest knowledge in his/ her subject. The Ideal Teacher must be able to teach well; in a way that everyone can understand. He/ she must understand the difficulties of the pupils. He/ she must explain things to more...

Sheetal is our maid. She came to work for us when I was two years old. She sleeps in a small room near the kitchen. She looked after me and played with me when Mummy was at work. In the evening we would go to the park. Sheetal does all the house work and the place is clean and neat always. She also helps Mummy in the kitchen. She takes me to school every day. Now she is getting married and will be going to Pune. We are going to miss her smiling face. We hope she will be very happy.

Points: Dull and hard life - dress and appearance – daily routine nature of his duties - qualities he requires. A Bus Conductor is a common sight. He leads a hard and dull life. He works eight hours a day. He does the same kind of work day after day. He wears a khaki uniform. Over one shoulder he hangs a leather bag to collect money. Over the other shoulder he hangs a heavy metal box containing tickets. Early each morning the bus conductor goes to the bus depot. He collects his metal ticket-box and leather bag. He goes to the bus he is assigned to for the day. He pulls the bell-string and the driver starts the bus. The conductor has to approach each passenger. He has to find out where each passenger is going. Accordingly he collects the fares. He punches every ticket before handing it over to more...

It was Saturday. I woke up and wondered why everything was so quiet. Dad was on tour, but where was Mother? I went to her room and called out. A weak voice said, "Come in". I ran to the bed. Mother was ill. Her body felt hot and she could not get up. I ran to the kitchen, made a cup of tea for her. I then called our family Doctor. He came, examined mother, gave her an injection, and some pills. Spending the day in bed mother felt much better and was her usual self the next day.

Points: Has a long and busy day - rises early and goes on morning visits - attends his clinic - his attitude to the rich and poor patients - how he spends his afternoons - his duties in the evening - cannot be sure of a night's undisturbed sleep. A doctor has a long day. He has a very busy day everyday. He rises very early. Before going to his clinic at 10 o'clock, he finishes visiting all his patients at their homes. He cheers them up with a kind word and a ready smile. He listens patiently to all their complaints. He has a perfect bedside manner. He enters his clinic. He greets his patients with a smile. He has many patients waiting for him. He examines each patient. Some patients are prescribed a mixture or tablets. Others have to take injections. The mixture prescribed by the doctor is more...

Neeta is my best friend. We are in the same class. She lives in a flat on the fourth floor of our building. Neeta and I do our homework together. Her grandmother stays with her. She enjoys telling us stories. On holidays grandma teaches us embroidery and cross stitch. We will soon be able to embroider pretty articles. When my parents go out in the evening, I stay with Neeta. I am very excited because Neeta will be joining us when we go for a ten day holiday to Shimla. Oh, what fun we will have together.

Points: A travelling salesman - dress and habits – advantages - hardships - honest tradesman. A Street hawker is a travelling salesman. He moves about with his shop from house to house and street to street. He dresses poorly. He sells all kinds of things, big and small. We can get cloth, crockery, fruits, vegetables, needles, toys and many other things from him. A hawker cries out his wares very loudly. Sometimes he rings a bell to draw our attention to his wares. We can buy things from a hawker at a reasonable price. The hawker does not have to invest much money in his business. He does not have to pay any rent. He carries his goods on a hand cart or on his head. He is therefore able to sell them cheaper than in the shops. We can save time and energy by buying things from hawkers. We more...



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